Life as a digital nomad can be full of surprises—it’s one of the main perks of the remote working lifestyle—but not all surprises are good. We may be able to prepare for the worst, but medical emergencies, health issues, natural disasters, and political unrest can all bring a remote working trip to a grinding halt. Because nobody can predict the future, it’s always wise to take out travel insurance to cover all eventualities. Dedicated digital nomad travel insurance is the obvious choice for remote workers and allows cover for all aspects of the remote working lifestyle.

Find out everything you need to know about travel insurance for digital nomads and the best policy to choose from, as chosen by the remote work experts  Nurall. 

What is Covered by Digital Nomad Travel Insurance?

The list of events covered by a typical digital nomad travel insurance policy can be found detailed in the policy summary. Everything from medical expenses and transport expenses to telemedicine and mental health support is typically covered, including:

  • Eligible medical expenses
  • Eligible transport expenses 
  • Personal property coverage 
  • Personal liability coverage 
  • Evacuation and relocation (In the event of political unrest, terrorism, and natural disasters)
  • Telemedicine consultancy
  • Mental health support

Each digital nomad travel insurance policy is different and we do encourage all remote workers to view both the policy summary and policy wording before purchasing any insurance product. 

Different Types of Digital Nomad Travel Insurance

When requesting a quote for digital nomad travel insurance, remote workers are typically able to choose from three different forms of insurance. 

  • Individual: Digital nomad insurance for individuals offers coverage for a single person embarking on a remote working trip. 
  • Family: Family digital nomad insurance offers coverage for a family traveling together on a remote working trip. Eligible dependents can be added to these policies, creating a bespoke plan to suit. 
  • Employer Group: A full employer group insurance policy can be taken out by remote companies, insuring a group of coworkers under the same policy. Quotes incorporate all  remote employees' details (e.g. age group and/or existing health conditions).

Travel Insurance Add-Ons for Digital Nomads

Aside from the traditional coverage requirements (health insurance, luggage coverage, flight reimbursements, etc.), some insurance companies offer add-ons for nomads. These insurance policy add-ons are typically geared towards the more adventurous remote workers with sports coverage available. 

Marine Activities

One of the most popular insurance add-ons for digital nomads is the coverage of marine activities. The aquatic coverage offered by some insurance companies supports countless marine sports from surfing and wakeboarding to jet-skiing and paddle boarding. If your remote working vacation involves a lot of time in the water, marine activity insurance may prove a valuable add-on. Details of the marine sports covered by each individual policy can be found detailed clearly in the policy wording.

Adventure Sports Coverage

If you’re a remote worker that’s always looking for the next adrenaline-fueled activity, adventure sports coverage is an invaluable digital nomad insurance add-on. Whether it’s scuba diving in Malaysia, taking a hot air balloon ride in Turkey, or bungee jumping in Australia—adventure sports coverage can protect against it all. However, before leaping off of a bridge with elastic around your waist, it’s vital to check the policy wording for a list of covered activities alongside the limitations and any exclusions.

Travel Insurance Coverage Length and Trip Frequency

Two of the most important factors in determining the final quote of digital nomad travel insurance are the coverage length and the trip frequency. Travel insurance can usually be taken out up to the maximum of one-year after requesting a quote, separating policies into two main camps: a single trip, no longer than 364 days and multiple trips, a.k.a short workations, with high frequency.  

If clear travel plans are known for the following 365 days, remote workers may be able to request two separate quotes. One covering each individual trip as separate policies and a second covering multiple trips throughout the next year. 

A Single 364-Day Trip

Digital nomads taking a single remote working trip within a year may find the single trip travel insurance to be the most cost-efficient policy. Insurance companies will typically require details of the exact dates of the working trip as well as the country of choice. An insurance algorithm will then be used to quote the best possible price with any requested additional coverage or policy add-ons. This type of policy is also chosen by remote workers that are not planning to return to a home base during the trip.

Multiple Short Trips in a Single Year

Alongside single trip cover, travel insurance firms will also often offer multiple short trip coverage, allowing coverage for several trips in a year. The multiple short trip travel insurance is also great for digital nomads and remote workers with less clarity in the year ahead. These policies offer freedom to chop and change plans without the risk of uncovered travel. 

The length of each trip is one of the few constraints offered by this type of policy with most insurance companies requiring a maximum trip time of 30-45 days before returning to a home country. Despite this, there are no limits on the number of trips that can be taken within a year. 

Nurall's Pick: The Best Digital Nomad Insurance

Our overall top pick for the best digital nomad insurance comes from Insured Nomads, offering both travel insurance and global health insurance for remote workers. Digital nomad travel insurance from Insured Nomads is offered in two separate packages with World Explorer and World Explorer Multi available. These are offered alongside a separate health insurance policy for digital nomads with coverage for extended stays outside of their home country.

What’s Included in the World Explorer Package

The World Explorer package offered by Insured Nomads is one of the most popular policies, covering digital nomads between 1 and 364 days when on the road. 

The insurance policy offers medical benefits (up to $2 million) and emergency medical evacuation coverage (up to $2 million) and optional marine/adventure sports cover alongside the additional following highlights:

  • 24/7 specialized medical support 
  • Both general practice and psychology telehealth appointments (outside of the U.S.)
  • Evacuation and repatriation response covering natural disasters, political unrest, and terrorism
  • Lounge access in airports when flights are delayed
  • VPN and cybersecurity tools (30-day inclusion)
  • Marine and adventure sports (Optional add-ons)

The policy can be extended just one time for a maximum of an additional six-month period following the initial insurance policy purchase. 

The nomad insurance starts at just $51.24 for an individual embarking on a seven-day trip with a $500 deductible. For an accurate digital nomad travel insurance quote—head over to Insured Nomads and fill in the form for a quick, accurate quote. 

What’s Included in the World Explorer Multi Package

Digital nomads looking to cover several trips within a year may find the World Explorer Multi Package to be the optimal option. The multi package offers up to $1 million in medical cover, as much as $500,000 for emergency medical evaluation and optional marine/adventure sports cover alongside the additional following highlights:

  • 24/7 specialized medical support 
  • Both general practice and psychology telehealth appointments (outside of the U.S.)
  • Evacuation and repatriation response covering natural disasters, political unrest, and terrorism
  • Lounge access in airports when flights are delayed
  • VPN and cybersecurity tools (30-day inclusion)
  • Marine and adventure sports (Optional add-ons)

The main difference between the two policies, aside from the lower value coverage offered by the multi package, is in the trip length. A maximum trip length of 364 days is available in the standard World Explorer package, a number which is dramatically reduced when opting for the Multi package.

Digital nomads are able to choose between a maximum trip length of either 30 or 45 days when choosing the multi package. Nomads are able to take multiple trips per year but must return to their home country following the 30/45 day trips. For frequent, short (<45 days) trips, the World Explorer Multi insurance policy is one of the top offers available for digital nomads. 

What’s Included in the Global Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

The Global Health Insurance offered by Insured Nomads is best suited to digital nomads working abroad or planning long-term stays away from their home country. 

The location-independent health insurance covers everything from hospital stays and treatment to childbirth and prescriptions. Typical policies work on a 1-year renewable basis with options for individuals, couples, and families.

Global healthcare insurance from Insured Nomads covers the following:

  • Hospital Stay
  • Surgery & Related Care
  • Oncology
  • Organ Transplant
  • Outpatient Care
  • Physician consultations
  • ER or Urgent Care
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Alternative & Complementary treatments
  • Ambulance Transportation
  • Vaccinations
  • Preventative Screenings
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Maternity
  • Vision Care

To get a quick quote from Insured Nomads, digital nomads can head over to the Global Health Insurance tab and fill in the form for an accurate price.

The Best Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads

With countless digital nomad travel insurance options available on the web, it can be difficult to decide on the best policy for your next remote working trip.  Nurall recommends Insured Nomads for any digital nomad with three fantastic insurance packages suited to the location-independent lifestyle. 

The World Explorer and World Explorer Multi packages are among the best available for remote workers. With policy customization available with add-ons including marine and adventure sports offered, nomads can have peace of mind knowing that they are covered for every possible situation. 

Similarly, a Global Health Insurance package is ideal for remote workers searching for location-flexible healthcare. The customizable insurance policies are ideal for individuals, families, and employers searching for the top global coverage. 

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