Radhika Meganathan, author of The Best Digital Nomad Neighborhoods in Auroville & Pondicherry shares her favorite places to dine and work in these two fascinating cities along India's East Coast Road.

The Best Restaurants for Digital Nomads in Auroville & Pondicherry

Surguru, Pondicherry: This very affordable Tamil restaurant serves up authentic no-frills vegetarian dishes. 

Ende Nadu, Pondicherry: Another no-fuss place serving Keralan and coastal seafood with a bite; they will gladly tone down the spice if you ask them to! 

Celine’s Kitchen, Pondicherry: An outdoor restaurant near the beach, famous for its wood-fired pizzas. The place is always busy, so get there early. 

Villa Shanti, Pondicherry: This designer restaurant is on the bucket list of every vacationing couple visiting Pondicherry. Best for romantic candlelit dinners and classy lunches, but make your reservations in advance.

Bay of Buddha, Pondicherry: If you want to enjoy delectable Southeast Asian fine dining with a view of the Bay of Bengal, this is the place to go. 

Rendezvous, Pondicherry: A popular rooftop jazz café and restaurant in White Town that also serves wine and cocktails. They have live music during weekends. 

La Terrace Café, Auroville: Located on the first floor above the Solar Kitchen, La Terrace is one of the main restaurants in Auroville, serving western food in a tasteful ambiance. 

Little Garden, Auroville: Organic cafe showcasing a seasonal menu with vegan options. They source from locally grown organic and natural farms, and also offer a tea menu with bespoke flavors. 

Sakura Sushi, Auroville: If there’s only one place you can check out during your Auroville visit, make it this one that serves delicious vegan sushi. 

Conscious Café, Pondicherry: Located at Kavas Yoga Retreat, the place serves fresh organic vegan and vegetarian food. 

The Best Cafes for Digital Nomads in Auroville & Pondicherry

Coromandal Café, Pondicherry: Featuring comfortable couches and high-back chairs with elegant, timeless decor, this is probably the classiest cafe in Pondy with a great menu.

Le Café, Pondicherry: This is the town’s only 24-hour cafe and its beachfront location means it’s always buzzing. 

Py Café, Pondicherry: This is a cute and vibrant little place tucked into a quiet corner of Mission Street, that’s perfect for remote working.

Cafe Des Arts, Pondicherry: A top favorite spot, Cafe Des Arts is eminently Instagrammable and offers great food too, at a price that will make you happy.

Farm Fresh, Auroville: Enjoy organic food in an open-air ambiance, located right across the street from the Auroville Bakery.

The Best Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads in Auroville & Pondicherry

The 97Hub, Pondicherry: Located in the heart of the city and open until 8 p.m., it provides a cheery, efficient space for individuals and small offices.

BondState, Pondicherry: This monthly rental coworking space is fully air-conditioned and offers free coffee/tea all day, but is closed on weekends.

Seats and Space, Pondicherry: This is a shared office space that provides meeting rooms and private offices, with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly membership options. 

L' espace, Pondicherry: Offering both dedicated desks in a common space to separate office suites for larger companies, this coworking space prides itself on being a communal space for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Auromode Hive, Auroville: Work from a fully air-conditioned space that has conference rooms, a service kitchen, and special membership packages.

Radhika Meganathan
May 19, 2023
min read

Whenever she needs a workcation, Chennai-based author Radhika Meganathan happily escapes to Auroville.

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