Lucie Grace, author of The Best Digital Nomad Destinations in Goa, shares her favorite restaurants, bars, cafes, and coworking spaces for digital nomads in the beautiful Indian state of Goa.

The Best Restaurants in Goa for Digital Nomads

Kokni Kanteen Goa, Panaji: In the heart of downtown, Kokni Kanteen is the best place for seafood thali—or indeed seafood in general—in the city.

Mum's Kitchen Miramar, Panaji: Part of the ethnic cuisine movement, the menu focuses on traditional Goan dishes, the likes of which you’ve never had so good. Booking is recommended, particularly during peak season.

Cow Corner, Patnem: This garden restaurant in South Goa has a great menu for lunch and dinner, including vegan options, hosted by the wonderful proprietor Alice.

Casa Jaali, Patnem: A boutique stay with a fine restaurant that non-guests are welcome to frequent, this seaside cafe is perfect for lunch or early dinner.

Ourem 88, Palolem: The best fine dining in South Goa, Ourem 88 is known for its high-calibre meat dishes, based on the sands of Palolem.

Nireas Healthy Haven, Palolem: A leafy oasis of calm, this cafe/restaurant is open late and offers a menu of healthy options (including some great veggie burgers) as well as home baked bits.

Prana Anjuna, Anjuna: An upmarket venue, selling a menu of European favorites and Asian Fusion including a vegetarian katsu curry to die for.

Artjuna, Anjuna: This wonderfully sprawling hub is home to a cafe, yoga space, and marketplace, but it’s the fantastic foods and home baked treats that will keep you coming back daily.

Gunpowder, Assagao near Anjuna: One of the best South Indian offerings in Goa, Gunpowder is in Assagao a few minutes from Anjuna and sells unmissable idly, delicious dosa and fish curries. 

The Cape Goa, Cabo de Rama: This upmarket spot is based in a hotel in Cabo de Rama, boasting some of the most jaw dropping views in the state. The restaurant serves high quality Indian cuisine. Booking ahead is advised.

The Best Bars in Goa for Digital Nomads

Jaali Boutique and Cafe, Patnem & Colomb Bay: Jaali hosts DJs a couple of nights a week so expect to dance to anything from house to UK garage and back again. They’re also one of the only haunts in the area to serve cocktails right.

Nada Brahma Resort, Patnem & Colomb Bay:  A great spot on Patnem Beach, not only does Nada Brahma have an excellent food and drinks menu, they also host a weekly movie night, which is a South Goa staple.

Salida del Sol, Patnem & Colomb Bay: Another Patnem seaside venue, Salida del Sol boasts great sunset views and occasionally hosts fun EDM parties.

Rococo Pelton, Palolem:  A popular bar on Palolem Beach overlooking the ocean, ‘Pelton’s’ as it’s lovingly known locally hosts the best live music night in the area on a Monday.

Joseph Bar Panjim, Panaji: A delightfully retro, hole in the wall bar, Joseph Bar Panjim is not to be missed and the ideal, side alley setting for that last nightcap.

Eva Cafe, Anjuna: A beautifully presented seaside bar on Anjuna Beach, Eva is the place to go to as the sun goes down, offering a great menu as well as the best sunset views.

Good Place, Anjuna: Another Anjuna sundowner, head to Good Place an hour or so before sunset to get a good table and order the beers in time to raise a glass.

Curlies Beach Shack, Anjuna: A legendary bar that goes on until the small hours, Curlies has been a firm favorite for many seasons now and it’s always worth checking out if they have any parties on the horizon.

Candy Shot Bar, Anjuna: A great new spot in the heart of party central Anjuna, Candy Shot Bar is staffed by an all female and LGBTQ+ crew who make sure your pre-club prep gets the night off to a good start.

OHM Anjuna, Anjuna: OHM is the spot for after the after parties as their very laid back approach to time keeping has secured them the top ranking place in North Goa to watch the sunrise.

The Best Cafes in Goa for Digital Nomads

Zest, Palolem: A firm favorite with the yoga crowd and nomadic vegans, Zest has great staff, solid WiFi and a menu that will keep you busy for weeks.

The Mill, Palolem: The Mill is based in a lovely period property and serves healthy dishes as well as tasty burgers and home baked goods. 

Artjuna, Anjuna: This airy outdoor venue is an Anjuna institution and a great place to work if you have headphones to hand and can get in your zone. Otherwise don’t sit too close to the kids climbing frame! The menu here is delicious, particularly the cakes and deserts.

Cow Corner, Patnem: If you don’t mind sitting outside (you can usually find some shade) then this garden cafe restaurant in Patnem is a peaceful place to work, overlooking the neighboring fields and serving an excellent menu to keep you fueled all day.

Bombay Coffee Roasters, Panaji: A comfortable airy space in downtown Panaji, you’ll come for the coffee and stay for the decor. There’s decent enough WiFi and some charging sockets around, just make sure you keep the coffee orders flowing.

The Best Coworking Spaces in Goa for Digital Nomads

MeWo - Meetings, Co-Working & Kaffe, Panaji: This coworking space prides themselves on supporting local start ups as well as being a snazzy workspace for nomads. 

Timebox Goa, Panaji: Timebox is a forward-thinking, female-led work space with excellent design and facilities. 

Clay Cafe & Coworking, Anjuna: Located at a prime beachside location in Anjuna, Clay Cafe offers reasonable weekly rates and is one of the best coworking spaces in Goa.

Green Space Bistro & co working hostel, Anjuna: A hostel first and foremost, Green Space has great co-living options and hosts a sizable and well-equipped workspace. 

NomadGao, near Anjuna: With two sites in Vila Nova and Assagao, NomadGao offers the best co-living and co-working spaces in Goa with good monthly rates of stay and work.

Lucie Grace
March 10, 2023
min read

Lucie Grace is a British freelance writer, based in Chiang Mai. She lived in India throughout 2020 and 2021 and misses it daily. You can read her bylines in The Daily Beast, Fodor’s, The Independent and The Times.

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