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Among the many manmade wonders of the city, Al Reem Island is a natural island 600 meters off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Connected to Abu Dhabi by three bridges, this neighborhood is a buzzing residential, retail, and commercial community where a majority of the wealthier locals reside. Built vertically, All Reem has an elaborate skyline and with more skyscrapers underway, it is becoming the central hub for the city’s tallest buildings.

The most iconic towers are the Gate Towers, a flame-shaped trio of buildings that take much inspiration from the Marina Bay Resort towers in Singapore. Home to the head offices of some of the biggest corporate giants in the country, the Gate Tower has residential and commercial apartments, and remote working offices too. Both WeWork and Cloud Spaces have offices on the island and more are set to open in the future.

Living at Al Reem Island offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle experience. There are plenty of local and international cafes and boutique restaurants like The Smoking Doll and La Brioche, and retail options to shop from that one would not need a reason to drive to the mainland. With Cove Beach opening before the end of the year, Al Reem will have a first of its kind luxury beach club on the island. To indulge in nature, Al Reem Central Park is the perfect place for the residents to walk, kayak, and unwind on the coast of the Arabian Sea. 

Rahma Khan
October 31, 2022
min read

Rahma Khan is a travel writer and an independent journalist from Pakistan. She uses her travel blog to share the stories...

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