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Barceloneta is a coastal section of the city stretches out towards the sea where you can smell the salty air blowing off the Mediterranean. The neighborhood is a pleasant mix of old and new, with the W Hotel tower standing guard over the longest beaches in the city, Sant Sebastià and La Barceloneta.  This is the perfect neighborhood for people who like sunrise jogs on the beach or want to hit the waves as soon as their workday is done (what tiny waves the Mediterranean has to offer, at least). If you want to enjoy the water and avoid the crowds, you can rent a paddleboard (SUP), go on a boat tour, or take the port cable up to Montjuïc to get a different view of the city.

The neighborhood also has several seafood restaurants, like El Nou Ramonet and Salamanca, as well as fantastic tapas spots, including Bitacora and La Bombeta. In the summer, grab a drink and people watch at one of the many chiringuitos (beachside bars) that line the beach. Barceloneta has plenty of coworking options, such as Quartdenou, which is only a few hundred feet from the beach, as well as outposts from Monday and Utopicus.

Sam Harrison
November 9, 2022
min read

After spending four years in Buenos Aires, she loves spreading the joy of the city to the rest of the world.

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