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Immediately east of downtown, you’ll find the artsy, hipster-friendly Deep Ellum – which is not only the live music capital of Dallas, but also officially the “Mural Capital of Texas”. Here, amid all the artisan stores, boutiques, and no less than 150 colorful street art murals, you’ll also find one of the best coworking spots in the city—the original Common Desk—with its loyal creatives, cocktail lounge and beer on tap. 

In a car-focused city, Deep Ellum is one of the few genuinely walkable neighborhoods in Dallas, which means lunchtimes are a fun opportunity to explore buzzy neighborhood cafes and restaurants like Stirr, Postino and Punch Bowl Social (known to locals as “Lunch Bowl Social”), as well as legendary hole-in-the-wall haunts like Hawkers and Revolver, which is arguably the best-loved taco spot in Dallas. Beyond Deep Ellum, Lower Greenville Avenue has bustling, well-heeled restaurants and outdoor bars including Truck Yard, HG SPLY and Desert Racer—all standing neatly shoulder to shoulder, making for an excellent night out. 

Further East from Greenville Avenue, you’ll find Lakewood—a favorite place for young couples to buy their first homes, with all of the necessary amenities, including excellent grocery stores, great neighborhood bars and restaurants (centered on Lakewood Village itself), and a solid coworking option in Caddo Lakewood, at the key junction of Gaston Avenue and La Vista Drive. A safe, leafy haven, Lakewood also has plenty of outstanding hidden gems to discover, tucked away on side streets, like the always brilliant Garden Café and the magical boho-chic boutique, Tallulah & Hess. The lake itself—White Rock Lake—serves as a watery exclamation point at the end of true East Dallas, and is a brilliant spot for running, cycling, kayaking, or simply hanging out and soaking up the abundance of sunshine in these parts before, during, or after your working day.     

Jonathan Thompson
February 27, 2023
min read

Based in Dallas, he is an award-winning writer and a regular contributor to publications on both side of the Atlantic like the Wall Street Journal, GQ, and The Sunday Times.

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