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Moving slightly north from the old town is Lower Parel. Once home to a number of textile mills, some of which are converted into offices and eateries, today the area is a concrete jungle housing a plethora of commercial office spaces in high-rise buildings.

You’re spoiled for choice here, as far as cafes to work out of, coworking spaces, and bars and eateries go. You can book a desk at 603, an affordable coworking brand with branches across the city, or Dextrus, a more sophisticated, upscale alternative. And if neither of those suit you, there’s always Workloft or Social. an all-in-one cafe, bar, restaurant chain that functions as a coworking space during the day and has plenty of power outlets and quality WiFi. Perhaps most alluring, their coworking plans all include a free food and drink package. 

If coworking spaces aren’t for you, or if you’re looking for a change in setting, consider heading to one of the area’s many cafes. Among these are Zane’s Cafe, a cozy space with no-fuss industrial decor, the always reliable Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or for late risers: Pokket Cafe or the greener more boho Saz Cafe.

Perhaps the best part of working out of Lower Parel, however, is the food and drink. Grab a drink and a bite to eat at The Bombay Canteen, a local street food and fare made new. Hit up anti-Social or The Bombay Cartel for some live music to wind down from the day or hop over to 145 The Mill or KOKO if you’re feeling like a night on the town. There are also many bars and eateries between Todi Mills, Kamala Mills, or Mathuradas Mills, starting with Toit, a charming taproom in the latter. 

Just know that the vibrant nightlife in Lower Parel offers does come at a price: it’s near impossible to work out of most cafes once office hours wind down. So if you’re a night owl looking to keep your coffee close and your focus geared to your work, this perhaps isn’t the area you want to work out of with crowds bursting in by the dozen. 

Akanksha Singh
January 3, 2023
min read

Akanksha Singh is a writer and journalist based between Mumbai and Lisbon.

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