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Overall average rating.


This neighborhood is very safe.


There is a balanced amount of good restaurants.


Lower cost of living for remote workers.

Remote work

This neighborhood has a decent amount of places to work outside the house.

Only 20 minutes away from Funchal, Machico is one of the few towns in Madeira where you do not need a car to get around and there is a close-knit remote worker community. The Machico lifestyle is all about doing what you love whether that’s diving, windsurfing, jogging, or heading to a sunrise or sunset yoga class. There are also many community dinners and lots of live music.

The most enticing locale for remote workers is the coworking space Amparo, which is free to use, but you will need to register in advance for it. Situated inside the small, centuries-old yellow fort facing the ocean, you’ll be free to take a swim break or pop by the newly-built outdoor gym just two minutes away. There are also many restaurants like O Gala, O Secreta and Bar Solar to work from on streets covered with small, round stones, which were laid one by one by hand by the first settlers of Madeira.

Ono Mergen
October 31, 2022
min read

Today, she writes for environmental and travel magazines and just launched a brand naming agency, giving into her language geek side

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