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Arguably the quietest corner of South Goa, just below Palolem sits the tiniest of nooks, Colomb Bay then cascading Patnem Beach. The two flow into one another so are worth discussing together. Patnem was a relatively untouched paradise until a few years ago but even with the introduction of beachside bars, the area remains one of the most relaxing corners of the state to spend your days in. There isn’t a great deal to do other than enjoy the beach and cafe hop but there are occasional yoga classes, jazz shows, and film nights to look forward to.

Colomb Bay’s sands are completely unspoiled, with the odd fisherman’s boat, palm trees, and not much else. It’s a tiny bay and very tranquil, so bring your own snacks if you plan to spend the day here. Overlooking the waters, the classy, family run garden restaurant Kala Bahia has a divine menu and often hosts great parties on a Sunday night, playing gentle electronica as the sun sets. There’s not much in the way of shade here so it’s not the spot for working but you’ll enjoy the ambiance during your downtime. 

At the Colomb junction, Karma Cafe is a great place to work and watch the world go by, while neighboring Bhakti Kutir, a long established jungle-based resort, is an excellent place to join a yoga class or enjoy some music at one of the live jazz nights. One of the first spots on Patnem Beach as you’re leaving Colomb behind you is Nada Brahma Resort. Not only does Nada Brahma have an excellent menu and welcome remote workers, they also host a weekly movie night, which is well attended by local families and visitors alike. 

A veritable Patnem stalwart, Cow Corner is a much loved garden restaurant (so named as it’s located on the corner where the cows gather) where you’re welcome to work all day and enjoy live music at the weekly open mic night. The vegan meatballs are not to be missed here. If you’re more of a dancer than a head-bobber, Jaali Boutique and Cafe host DJs a couple of nights a week who play anything from house to garage and back again. Their seaside sister branch, Casa Jaali is the better of the two for working, as the latter boasts sea views and a great daytime lunch menu.

Lucie Grace
October 28, 2022
min read

Lucie Grace is a British freelance writer, based in Chiang Mai. She lived in India throughout 2020 and 2021 and misses it daily. You can read her bylines in The Daily Beast, Fodor’s, The Independent and The Times.

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