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If having access to health infrastructure and the bustle of a city is important to you, Shimla is your best bet. As the capital of Himachal Pradesh, the mountain town is buzzing with markets, restaurants, lively cafes, and most importantly good WiFi.  Though you won’t find an abundance of coworking spaces here yet, remote workers still choose to come here for spectacular mountain views, easy access to the outdoors, and fabulous colonial-era cottages that now operate as hotels or homestays. Wherever you’re staying or eating, you’ll usually have sweeping views of the slopes and glittering snow-capped peaks, so just grab a seat and plug in.  At Café Simla Times, you can segue from work calls to after-work drinks from their brewery. 

You’ll find Thai, Italian, and Indian on the menu, plus good coffee, WiFi, and fabulous sunset views from their al fresco section. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the wood-lined Café Under Tree sits in Shimla’s upper reaches, ensconced entirely in pine trees and serving eclectic European, Indian, and Chinese vegetarian fare. Closer to the action, Wake and Bake Café on Mall Road is a cheery spot for homey crepes, waffles, and falafel. Stop here for WiFi with valley views from the rooftop.  After a work day, Eighteen71 Cookhouse & Bar is a great spot for a hearty dinner of Indian or Southeast Asian dishes, accompanied by live music. At the small and cozy Himachali Rasoi, sample a traditional Himachali thali meal, featuring rice, lentils, and multiple curries on one plate.

In the colonial era, the cool climate of Shimla offered the British a perfect escape from the oppressive summer of the plains. The town still retains much of its Raj-era character in The Ridge, the town’s central square dominated by the 1800s Christ Church. Further along, The Mall is a series of pedestrian streets lined with timbered shops and cafes. Popular walks include a sunrise walk up to the hilltop Jakhu Temple and a leisurely hike up to Prospect Hill and the impressive Viceregal Lodge.

Malavika Bhattacharya
October 31, 2022
min read

Malavika is an India-based writer passionate about travel, wildlife, and the outdoors. Follow her travels @malavikab on Instagram.

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