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Walking the streets of Vera will take you past some of Tbilisi’s best architecture, including Italian courtyards (the gathering areas in front of small, older apartment complexes) and sky-high spiral wooden staircases. This artistic neighborhood is where you’re as likely to see grandmothers shaking out rugs, sweeping sidewalks, or feeding stray cats as you are hip cafes filled with young twenty-somethings dressed in the latest fashion. 

It's the hole-in-the-wall shops and bread windows that are so small, they don’t even have names that keep this area rooted in tradition. Meanwhile, the music and laughter-filled restaurants, like Stamba Café and Lolita, make this the best place to meet up with friends. Simply put, Vera is an eclectic and vibrant part of the city where digital nomads will get a sense of culture without feeling out of place.

Down the main drag, Rustaveli Avenue, Stamba Hotel and Rooms Hotel are the lifeblood of the neighborhood. Rotating exhibitions inside the Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum on Stamba’s second floor, as well as the hotel’s pretty-in-pink vertical garden Space Farms, all add to the reasons to get there sooner rather than later when you’re in the city. Pair that with a buzzing Lobby Bar that’s wildly popular with remote workers and you’ve found a place where work and play coexist in harmony.

For a more structured work environment, the hotel is in the process of opening a collaboration space they’re calling D Block, where creatives are invited to work from a hot desk, rent a private office, or pay by the hour for one of the meeting rooms. Attached to Stamba, the adjoining Rooms Hotel is a bit calmer, with outdoor spaces perfect for a late afternoon coffee or cocktail, and an evening on your laptop.

For a more expat-friendly work environment, and the chance to mingle with other foreigners and digital nomads from around the world (especially English-speakers), the vibe at LOKAL Tbilisi is as welcoming as it gets. With board game nights open to everyone and guest lectures from locals excited to share everything you need to know about Georgian culture and traditions, LOKAL is easily the quickest way to find your people when you first get to Tbilisi.

On the weekends, stretch your legs by hiking up to the TV Tower and Mtatsminda Park from the trailhead on Polikarpe Kakabadze Street. Or, browse the exhibitions at Window Project and pick up some of the city’s best cheese and bread from Au Ble d’or by Jean-Jacques Bakery and Cheese Shop and a bottle of natural local wine from Wine Boutique.

Breanna Wilson
October 6, 2022
min read

Breanna Wilson is a travel writer, content creator, and tour designer running adventure and overlanding tours in Mongolia and Georgia. You can follow Breanna’s daily adventures off-roading, hiking, and exploring lesser-known parts of the world on Instagram at @breannajwilson.

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