Level Up with Dean Kuchel
Claim your freedom in goa

March 30th to April 9th

15 spots only, filling up fast!  15 spots only, filling up fast!  15 spots only, filling up fast!  15 spots only, filling up fast!  15 spots only,

15 spots only, filling up fast!  15 spots only, filling up fast!

Dean Kuchel

Dean Kuchel earned the King of Nomads nickname as he started rapidly accruing passport stamps and building communities of nomads around the world. He’s the Founder of the UN (United Nomads) and the Digital Nomads of Israel, as well as a being a celebrated public speaker. Originally from Israel but now a perpetual nomad that sometimes calls Bali his home, he truly is living his dream, and helping tens of thousands of others follow in his footsteps.

Join Dean & Team Nurall for an Unforgettable experience in Goa  with fabulous accommodation,  dedicated workspaces, wellness activities, peer-to-peer workshops, happy hours, cultural experiences and local food.
Be a part of our community of Entrepreneurs, Creative Professionals, Pioneers and Digital Natives working from the most inspiring places on the planet.

Find the time and space to create and think about your life surrounded by nature and a thriving community of digital nomads, locals, and explorers. Our residencies are focused on maximizing the creative journey of each individual with exclusive one on one’s with Dean Kuchel &  like-minded peers who hold a wealth of experience!


Financial independence & skill share


Culture & food


Specially curated


Better together

A getaway to Goa any time of the year sounds like a great idea and while the sunshine state may be warmer in March, that shouldn't deter you from getting that perfect beach tan or head to a secluded paradise of chittering birds and gushing streams that exists not too far away from the madding Goa crowds.

 Learn to cultivate susegad, a Goan concept that, like the Danish hygge, is more a way of life than a mere adjective and means something along the lines of “happiness through laid-back living.” Spend your days indulging in sunset yoga on the beach, meals at some cool cafes or one of the many hip bars that call Goa home. Sundowners are especially pretty from the cliff-top restaurants that dot the landscape here. When it comes to accommodation, our curated hotels are offering you the best of comfort, luxury, convenience and privacy with beautiful pools, high speed internet and 24x7 power back up.


March 30th - April 9th


10 nights


Anjuna & Morjim

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10 Day : Anjuna + Morjim
5 Day: Anjuna Only (Mar 30th - April 3rd)
5 Day : Morjim Only (April 4th to 8th)

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USD - $1499

INR - ₹1,24,041


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USD - $999

INR - ₹82,666

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*We accept all popular credit & debit cards along with UPI in India.

Testimonials for Dean

Rowena Hennigan

Leading the Remote-First revolution👩💻Board Advisor🦉instructor+Top Voice⚡Keynote Speaker💚 Solopreneur🌱Professor🏂🏾Digital Nomad Families

"Dean was the Festival MC at the Tiriana Digital Nomad Festival, in September 2022, which I was a speaker at. He is an engaging, motivating, experienced, organised and a genuine professional at being a "Master of All Ceremonies".

Mario Mrksa

Founder of grabAhome I Project Leader of Digital Nomad Valley Zadar I Innovating Real Estate and Hospitality with new concepts

"Dean is someone you can easily connect with on a personal and business level. He has a very professional approach in everything he does, but still always finds time to talk about anything. Dean came to the Digital Nomad Valley in Zadar as an experienced digital nomad. His involvement was extremely beneficial for our project."

Sharon Zaks

Digital Nomads Israel 🌎 Creating Website Content 📕 Building LinkedIn Profiles ✍️ Social Media Manager

"Working with Dean was a fantastic experience that opened a whole new world to me: the world of Digital Nomadism, remote work, and financial independence. Dean is full of knowledge about stuff that matters in our crazy world.

Ravinder Dharmapuram

Founder and CEO at Nurall - Work Remotely and Travel | Fully Remote Tech Startup | Entrepreneur | Ex-Amazon

"Dean Kuchel is an awesome expert to reach out for an in-depth review of early stage startup ideas, especially for solutions in the travel tech, remote professionals space. As an early stage company we loved talking to Dean across multiple zoom sessions to validate assumptions on customer behavior and receive critical product feedback.

Kristie Sullivan

Founder of the Executive Remote Worker & Ultimate Workation -> Workation Planning | Digital Nomad | Work & Travel | Remote Work | ex-Corporate | Lifestyle Design | Feature: LinkedIn News, DNA of Croatia, HR.com, & more

"I had the incredible pleasure of crossing paths with Dean at the Digital Nomad Conference in Zagreb in Jan 2021. I was moved and inspired by his journey and word of wisdom. I also enjoyed our subsequent conversations about the past, present, and future of work over a few glasses of wine afterwards.

Isabella Hafner

Team Lead / Project Manager

"Hearing Dean speak about community building and the digital nomad lifestyle at the Nomade base in Cyprus was captivating and uplifting. His authentic and convincing presentation inspired me.

The big community he created demonstrates his caring nature and dedication."

Keren Ritchie

Writer & Editor

"Nimrod is one of the smartest, most talented and innovative people I have ever worked with. He has a knack for solving challenges in a dizzyingly short period of time, with a smile to top it off. His infectious personality made him a favorite within the entire foreign ministry, and is yet to be rivaled.
  • Welcome & pick up from airport
  • 10 nights total stay in luxury properties with a pool  Anjuna & Morjim, Goa
  • Daily breakfast, water, coffee, tea
  • One on one time with Dean Kuchel
  • Financial freedom workshop with Dean Kuchel
  • Access to a Level up- Claim your freedom conference with local community
  • Skill sharing sessions
  • Mindfulness meditation & yoga
  • History of Feni and Latin quarter crawl
  • Barbeque brunch
  • Cultural experience
  • Jazz & jive workshop
About the Property

When it comes to accommodation, our curated hotels are offering you the best of comfort, luxury, convenience and privacy with beautiful pools, high speed internet and 24x7 power back up.


An imaginative, intimate boutique experience 

Located in Anjuna, Ānamiva is a designer boutique hotel in the heart of North Goa. Curated and designed to energize the creative side of their guests, Ānamiva houses beautiful rooms & suites, a poolside restaurant & bar, and an event space  A unique amalgamation of Indian with quirky design elements, artwork, furniture, and accessories have been handpicked directly from artisans from across India, giving Anamiva a homely yet eclectic vibe.


 A few steps away from the waters of life!

Soak up the sun and cool mid-day breezes at jüSTa Morjim Beach Resort: a luxury resort overlooking pristine Morjim Beach, Goa. The serenity of this beachfront location offers you everything you could want for your ideal holiday in Goa. Wake up in luxurious rooms to the soft sound of waves and rising sun that peeps inside the rooms.

Nurall is committed to cultivating the next generation of digital natives and promoting a lifestyle of freedom, choice and adventure. Led by a group of people who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning and experiences- the nurall advantage is that we really do practice what we preach :-) We aim to create safe space clusters across the world for the thinkers and the doers, the creatives and the entrepreneurs, the nomads and the intellectually curious and enable everyone to live a wholesome, enriching life!

Frequently asked questions

What are the Visa & Covid 19 regulations for India?

Please refer to this link for the latest/updated regulations. https://boi.gov.in/content/advisory-travel-and-visa-restrictions-related-covid-19 If you have any questions, please reach out to us at concierge@nurall.co

What about travel arrangements?

The participant is responsible to book their own flights or travel routes. We don't manage any bookings or  refund any travel, flight, or booking costs in case of cancellation.

What are the cancellation terms & conditions

To reserve a spot, we require a full payment of the program costs.
1. Within 40 days before the start of the program: 100% refund 
2. Less than 40 days prior to the start of the program: 25% of the amount is refunded
3. Less than 14 days prior to the start of the program: No refund

Can I split the payment into installments?

Nurall works with Stripe as one of our payment providers.  We require full payment to be able to hold your spot and complete logistics for the event.  Through Stripe you might get access to Affirm to split the payment into multiple monthly installments.  You can explore this option and check eligibility and payment terms directly with Affirm.

What are the terms & conditions?

We have a detailed terms and conditions document. Please review the same and you will need to  sign and email it back to us at concierge@nurall.co

If I book a Single Sharing room- who will I be sharing a room with?

We will be assigning the sharing rooms closer to the residencies. Allocation is done based as per gender- If you and your friend are booking the same residency you can put in a request with concierge@nurall.co to share the room once your bookings are confirmed.

Is Level Up for me?

Our residencies are designed for those who seek greater freedom, independence, and mobility in life and work. We aim to enable our participants to build new perspectives & experiences while still allowing you to stay active and productive.

Do I need to be from a particular background? 

Absolutely Not. Claim your freedom is a LEVEL UP for you regardless of the fact which stage of life or industry you come from.
1. Creative Entrepreneurs and Founders
2. Creative & Cultural Professionals
3. Remote workers
4. Freelance professionals
5. Digital Natives
6. Self Run Business Owners
7. Folks that are transitioning between Roles / Project / Life
8. Corporate Misfits