About Us

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Nurall is a lifestyle curation company and tech startup headquartered in Seattle and Bangalore. Nurall’s mission is to cultivate the next generation of digital natives and promote a lifestyle of freedom, choice, and adventure.

Our online platform offers curated residencies, retreats, accommodation, and coworking offerings. We also publish articles and guides to inspire and advise our growing readership of digital nomads.


Ravinder Dharmapuram

Founder, CEO

Ravi is a builder and entrepreneur at heart with 20+ years of experience building highly scalable software backed products and services that support billions of dollars in annual revenue.  During the pandemic Ravi moved from his role as a Senior Manager at Amazon Prime to start Nurall. Ravi is passionate about remote work, community, technology and the future of work. Over the last two years Ravi has led the journey in building Nurall from scratch, setting the vision and strategy and bringing the team together to build and launch products to market.

Karthik Bhat

India GM - Lifestyle/Wellness, Customer, Corporate

Karthik is a serial entrepreneur and lifestyle/wellness business leader who has been an evangelist and practitioner of the remote work lifestyle since 2018. He successfully bootstrapped two services startups in Bangalore after coming back from the Bay Area in 2013 and brought to life Turia.ai, a lifestyle/wellness tech product company in 2018. He is passionate about building lifestyle products, the future of work and wellness. He loves yoga and Kalari, an ancient Indian martial art.

Anuradha Subramanian

Product Head, Growth and Strategy

Anu has 14+ years of rich experience in hospitality leadership, corporate travel, startup ecosystems and creative entrepreneurship. She began her career with the Oberoi group of Hotels & Resorts and went on to head the Sales & Marketing function for a leading Corporate Accommodation Management provider in India. She is skilled in helping organizations define strategic milestones and establishing growth drivers and pathways to scale. As the founder of Loka House, a popular creative ecosystem, and founder/curator of Ten10, a vibrant art and culture festival, Anu is a passionate mentor and community builder. She is  always seeking out unexpected and unexplored places to reinvigorate her curiosity and inspire new ideas.

Navneet Prakash

Content Head & Partnerships

Navneet is an experienced filmmaker and digital nomad with a passion for connecting people and places. With over 12 years of experience, he has traversed India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, creating powerful films for documentaries, brand films, and advertisements. As the co-founder of Café Rasa, a popular coworking space in Goa, and an experience curator for Nurall, Navneet expertly crafts immersive experiences for digital nomads exploring India, blending his love for travel, storytelling, and cultural exchange. At Nurall, Navneet leads creative video content production, co-creating community led experiences and building strategic partnerships.


Jamie Ditaranto

Managing Editor, Nurall

Jamie Ditaranto is a writer and editor with 8+ years of experience in travel media and 4+ years living abroad as a digital nomad in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, and Italy. Her work has been published in National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveler, and Travel + Leisure . She oversees content at Nurall, working with her network of writers to build a large library of travel and lifestyle articles for an audience of curious digital nomads. A self-defined slowmad, Jamie likes to pick a destination and stay a while to pick up whatever new skills she can from surfing to language-learning.

Shyam Katti

Lead Software Engineer

Shyam Katti is a seasoned software engineer with 10+ years of experience in the field. When he's not coding, he can be found playing table tennis or football. He has a passion for exploring new places and trying different cuisines, which makes travel one of his favorite pastimes. Shyam's expertise in software engineering has enabled him to work on a variety of exciting projects throughout his career, and he's always looking for new challenges to tackle.

Vishal Maurya

Front-End/Webflow Developer

Vishal is a highly skilled, dedicated and talented professional committed to excellence in everything he does. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for visual design, he has built a strong reputation for developing visually stunning and user-friendly websites that go beyond expectations. In addition to his professional work, Vishal is an avid anime fan, and he enjoys exploring the vast world of anime during his free time. He is also enthusiastic about travel, business and entrepreneurship and constantly seeks new opportunities to enhance his knowledge and skills.


Lead Creative Designer

Rima is a Brand and UX designer with an experience of 8+ years. She has always derived her inspiration from the intricate designs found within nature. Her keen interests lie in traveling, food, dancing and creating art. Finding the most efficient and healthy balance between the digital and physical worlds is one of her core fundamentals while working. Creativity, authenticity, and compassion are virtues she honors and walks with. At Nurall, Rima leads branding, website design, and social media operations.


Rowena Hennigan

Rowena founded a successful remote work training, consultancy, wellbeing services and content marketing business in 2018. Utilizing freelance talent globally, to deliver successful solutions to a variety of key clients internationally. 

The client portfolio includes LinkedIn, Laya Healthcare, Spectrum.Life, Vitae Consulting, Skillsnet Ireland, TU Dublin, National Forum Ireland, Mindletic, and many many more. She also uses her knowledge and experience to support scaling start-ups and joined Nurall as a Startup Advisor in September 2022.

Dean Kuchel

Dean Kuchel is a digital nomad for the last 10 years  who has traveled to 100+ countries. 

He is an ambassador to the digital nomad lifestyle, a public speaker, mentor and the founder of Digital Nomads Israel and United Nomads. Through his talks and leadership he is changing the world one person, business, and nation at a time. Originally from Israel but now a perpetual nomad that sometimes calls Bali his home, he truly is living his dream, and helping tens of thousands of others follow in his footsteps.