What You Need to Know About the Argentina Digital Nomad Visa


Announced in May 2021, Argentina’s digital nomad offers a new and improved way to live and work remotely in the country. From breathtaking mountains to jaw-dropping cities, Argentina is full of action, making it the perfect place for adventurous digital nomads. It's great news, and no surprise, for those already based in the remote working paradise that is Buenos Aires. A huge network of remote workers already call the city home with the trend continuing to grow as the week and months tick by.

Check out everything you need to know, from the visa requirements to a step-by-step application guide, about the Argentina digital nomad visa below. 

Note: Although announced, the Argentina digital nomad visa has not yet been released. This page will be updated as soon as more details are released to the public.

What is the Argentina Digital Nomad Visa?

Although yet to be officially released, the Argentina digital nomad is designed to offer a remote working visa, similar to many European countries (Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic, etc.).  

The digital nomad visa is expected to offer digital nomads the opportunity to live and work remotely in Argentina for six months with the option of a single six-month renewal. 

Why is the Argentina Digital Nomad Visa Better Than a Tourist Visa?

The details of the expected benefits of the Argentina digital nomad visa are currently unclear, although we do expect further details in the coming months. Government officials have also hinted that visa-holders may reap additional benefits like discounts on flights with the state-owned airline Aerolíneas Argentinas. There are many unknowns about what the digital nomad visa will entail, as well as critiques that the new visa won’t offer more than systems that are already in place. While tourist visas are not typically required to visit Argentina for up to 90 days, visitors are offered the ability to extend for a further 90 days upon arrival, roughly totaling a six-month stay. 

This is the main method that digital nomads working in Argentina have used before the introduction of the nomad visa. Visa runs are also common for digital nomads with border runs to neighboring countries (Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay). Each re-entry into Argentina resets the 90-day period with no current restrictions on the number of times this can be completed.

Argentina Digital Nomad Visa Requirements 

The Argentinian government has still yet to release the digital nomad visa requirements ahead of its launch. We would expect the requirement list to include a handful of the following details: 

  • Valid Passport: Applicants must have a passport that is valid for the length of the visa period.
  • Proof of Remote Work: Applicants must have proof of income from remote work.
  • Health Insurance: Applicants must show proof of health insurance for the length of the visa period. 
  • Minimum Income: Applicants must prove a minimum income that must be met to ensure that they can financially support themselves in Argentina.

We expect more details to become available surrounding the Argentina digital nomad visa in the coming months. 

How to Apply 

The Argentinian government has not yet confirmed the details as to how to apply for the digital nomad visa. We will update the application details with a step-by-step guide to the application process as soon as more information is available. 

Why Choose Argentina for your Next Remote Working Trip?

The Argentina digital nomad visa is one that countless nomads and remote workers have been waiting for. With an official digital nomad visa in place, we can only expect the number of nomads in the city to grow exponentially. 

Remote Work Culture in Argentina

Argentina, or more specifically, the capital of Buenos Aires is currently one of the most popular digital nomad destinations globally. Buenos Aires is littered with coworking spaces and accommodating cafes that remote workers are able to use during their working day. Neighborhoods such as Palermo, Colegiales, and San Telmo prove the best for remote work, but Recoleta and Crespo are fantastic for experiencing the local culture and cuisine. 

Internet speeds throughout the country are good and relatively inexpensive with average broadband speeds of approximately 60Mbps and average mobile internet speeds of approximately 30Mbps.  

Cost of Living and Quality of Life in Argentina 

Argentina is currently ranked 57th out of 167 in the 2021 Legatum Prosperity Index, an annual independent measure of a country’s performance using 104 different indexes. 

The cost of living in Argentina is reportedly 55% less than in the USA with rental prices reportedly 85% less than in the States. The average monthly cost for a single person in Argentina is approximately $415 (without rent). For a family of four, the average monthly cost is approximately $1,500 (without rent). Ultimately, the cost of living in Argentina is much lower than in the United States and it is this low cost of living that acts as a driving force and a decision influencer for digital nomads searching for their next location. 

Healthcare in Argentina

Argentina is currently ranked 42nd of 167 (immediately above both Slovakia and Malaysia) in the 2021 Legatum Prosperity Index. The healthcare in Argentina is reportedly some of the best in Latin America and is comprised of both universal and private healthcare. All digital nomads applying for a remote working visa are expected to have health insurance that covers the time allotted on their visa.


The Argentina digital nomad visa is one of the most exciting for remote workers looking to visit South America.The country offers a unique blend of European influences and Latin culture with Spanish, French, and Italian details noted in the architecture throughout the country.

With the capital city, Buenos Aires, already established as a digital nomad hotspot, the announcement of the remote working visa in 2021 came as no surprise. However, with no real progress or updates on the documentation, it’s difficult to speculate on the exact requirements and process of obtaining the visa. 

As soon as the government releases more details surrounding the Argentina digital nomad visa for remote workers in Buenos Aires, we will be sure to update this page with the correct information. 

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