Carole Rosenblat, author of The Best Neighborhoods in Budapest for Digital Nomads, shares her top picks for the bites and drinks in the Hungarian capital, plus places where you can get your productivity on.

The Best Restaurants in Budapest for Digital Nomads

Café Vian, District 6: With a mix of Hungarian and international dishes, this mid-range restaurant offers good food and a large drink menu. Of the two locations—the other is in District 7—this, on the pedestrian Liszt Ferenc Street is the one with a nicer atmosphere.

Mazel Tov, District 7: In the heart of the Jewish District, Mazel Tov serves up both authentic and fusion Israeli dishes in an open, garden-like atmosphere. The outdoor garden is dog-friendly.

Ket Szerecsen, District 6: Whether you join them for a fantastic breakfast or a delicious dinner (yes, they’re also open for lunch) this mid-range restaurant serves up creative Hungarian and international plates. Besides their always dependable regular menu, they offer a varying weekly menu.

Pad Thai Wok Bar, Various Locations: All dishes are made to order at this small chain dotted around the city. Meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike will find tasty options and generous portions.

Dunacorso, District 5: With typical mid-range food offerings, you’ll find white tablecloths and roaming musicians providing ambiance. Be sure to stop by in the summer when you can enjoy sitting outside on the patio on the edge of the Danube.

Tereza, District 6: Though it’s difficult to find great Mexican food in Budapest, Tereza will satisfy your cravings. If the weather is nice, sit out in their garden and enjoy hours of margaritas with your burrito.

Rosenstein, District 8: This family-owned restaurant has served the local community and visitors for decades. With a combination of Jewish, Hungarian, and other cuisines from around the world, their menu provides a great taste of local ingredients.

Spago by Wolfgang Puck, District 5: Yes, it’s expensive but sometimes you need a treat and, besides the scrumptious food, it’s located near the Elizabeth Bridge in the Matild Palace, a hotel that doubles as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Czakó Kert, District 1: Sitting in an old winery in the Buda hills, but close enough to walk from the river, Czakó Kert is a casual place with both indoor and outdoor seating and fresh ingredients for diets of all kinds. Come on a weekend morning and buy your fresh produce from their farmers’ market.

New York Café, District 7: This upscale restaurant is a historical landmark and a must-visit. With its eclectic Italian Renaissance style and its long history, this place is more about the ambiance so come during the day and enjoy some cake and tea while enjoying the music of a string quartet.

The Best Bars in Budapest for Digital Nomads

Szimpla Kert, District 7: The original Ruin Bar, Szimpla Kert is a can’t-miss bar in the heart of the “Party District.” This bar, which opened in a dilapidated building, started a trend and inspired other ruin bars in Budapest. Inside this huge space, you’ll find a collection of bar areas, serving up all kinds of offerings and including a wine bar and a shisha bar. Come for the drinks, and stay for the atmosphere.

Good Spirit Bar, District 5: If you’re a fan of whisky, you’ll love this place. They know their whiskies but also offer a variety of other spirits and very creative cocktails. With over 500 spirits to choose from, you might want to return a few times.

Tuk Tuk Bar, District 6: A relaxed, comfortable bar with a creative drink menu and welcoming, knowledgeable bartenders. It’s a good place to make new friends.

The Duchess, District 5: Once you’ve finished your dinner at Spago, head upstairs to one of the best rooftop bars in Budapest, where you should probably dress nicely because you’ll feel as if you’ve just stepped into a Vogue photoshoot, as you look out at the wonderful view overlooking the Danube river and Elisabeth Bridge.

Tasting Table, District 8: Hungary has 22 wine districts, and Tasting Table is a wine bar where you can enjoy flights, tastings, and individual glasses. You’ll learn about the local wines and may even enjoy a charcuterie board to go along with it. Be sure to email ahead for reservations as this isn’t a walk-in place.

Kisüzem, District 7: This low-key local bar gets its share of regulars and is a great place to try traditional Hungarian drinks like Palinka or Unicum.

BarCraft, Multiple locations in Districts 6, 9, 11: Describing itself as an “Esport & Geek Bar” gives you an idea of what this place is all about. Very casual with drinks to match, it’s a great place to meet your friends or make new ones, while playing both video and board games.

Gozsdu Udvar, District 7: Not one bar but a courtyard holding bars, restaurants, and living spaces, this is a great place to go bar-hopping. Here you’ll find a variety of cocktails, beers, restaurants, and party spots.

Champs Sziget, Margaret Island: Sitting in the Danube between Buda and Pest, Margaret Island is the place to be in the summer and Champs is a great place to sit outside enjoying drinks outside on the large deck. You might even get to watch a football match on the huge outdoor screen. 

Ötkert, District 5: Get ready to dance the night away. With three rooms and six DJs you’ll need to bring your style game as, though it could be considered a ruin bar, this place has a dress code.

The Best Digital Nomad Cafes in Budapest

Madal, Multiple Locations in Districts 5 and 13: A well-known and dependable place for remote workers, you’ll enjoy good coffee, bread, pastries, and other yummy delights with dependable WiFi and nobody will stare you down because you’ve been there a long time.

Mantra Specialty Coffee Bar, District 5: Good coffee, lots of space, free WiFi—what’s not to like? You can also pick up your own supplies for at-home coffee making.

Massolit Books and Café, District 7: This English-language bookstore and coffee shop is well-loved by locals and expats. Excellent coffee and cakes, a garden, and WiFi, all surrounded by books. 

Apricot Coffee, District 8: Come for the coffee, but stay for the hip barista atmosphere. Whether you prefer sitting indoors or al fresco, you can’t go wrong.

Fekete, District 5: Excellent coffee, good pastries, quiche, and some made-to-order dishes and you’ll have free WiFi with seating indoors and in a covered courtyard outside.

The Best Coworking Spaces in Budapest for Digital Nomads

Kaptár, District 6: This space is good if you need to make a lot of calls and pricing is flexible. No need to head out for lunch as you can purchase a variety of snacks and full meals.

Szikra Coworking, District 7: Memberships include unlimited coffee and tea and they’ll receive packages for you. They offer a variety of plans including hourly, daily, and unlimited with 24/7 keycard access.

Baobab Coworking Oasis, District 11: With the outdoor garden and great views, you can’t beat the atmosphere and it’s pet-friendly. If you don’t want to sit at a desk or table, lean back on one of their sofas or beanbags.

Kubik Coworking, District 13: From day plans to yearly ones, they offer everything you need, plus 24/7 access, networking events, and even showers so you can freshen up before heading out.

Collabor8district, District 8: No frills at a good price, this is a great place where you can pay for a half-day or get a package for a week or a month.

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