Lucie Grace, author of The Best Digital Nomad Destinations in Croatia, shares her picks for this remote working hotspot's best restaurants and bars—plus the most productive places to get your work done from Zagreb to Dubrovnik.

The Best Restaurants in Croatia for Digital Nomads

Šug, Split: This Michelin-listed jaunt delivers a modern spin on traditional Dalmatian plates, staffed by a young, kindly team who take food as seriously as they do hospitality.

Kinoteka, Split: Uber talented chef Mario Mandarić, who was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30, presents small plates that will blow you away, in this gorgeous medieval courtyard.

Konoba Tarsa, Rijeka: As traditional as it gets, the grub at Tarsa is truly sublime, pulling from all chapters of Rijeka’s history and neighboring cuisines—try the truffle fuži (pasta) for food bliss.

Nebo Restaurant, Rijeka: Michelin-starred Nebo sits within Rijeka’s swanky new Hilton hotel and is a real treat, no matter the occasion and whether you go for the seven or 11-course menu.

Zrno bio bistro, Zagreb: The much loved vegan-friendly Zrno serves healthy and organic dishes that are like a huge hug. From udon bowls to stews, salads to cakes, it’s all very good here.

Stari Fijaker, Zagreb: Locals favorite Stari Fijaker is a hugely enjoyable blast from the past, with suited friendly waiters and a menu of meaty dishes a Croatian grandma would pride herself on. 

Pod Zidom Bistro, Zagreb: One of Zagreb’s many fantastic and Michelin-listed restaurants, Pod Zidom is fancy but welcoming, with a divine tasting menu and friendly staff that make it special.

Pantarul, Dubrovnik: This elegant dining experience in Dubrovnik’s Lapad neighborhood is one to track down for its sleek, modern menu and fresh interior design.

​​Gradska Kavana, Dubrovnik: This busy restaurant in the old town arsenal has been serving excellent seafood for over 100 years in this sumptuous medieval building. 

Pelegrini, Šibernik: If you pass through Šibernik, which neighbors Split, Pelegrini is one of the most famous restaurants in Croatia, attended by Croatian footballers and pop stars as well as the locals who all appreciate its incredible menu and posh but light and bright atmosphere.

The Best Bars in Croatia for Digital Nomads

Bacchus Jazz Bar, Zagreb: With retro interiors that presumably date back to the 1970s and a lovely courtyard terrace that’s the ideal place to chat away the warm summer nights, this much-loved jazz bar hosts live music every Friday throughout the year.

A’e Caffe Bar, Zagreb: Tucked away on a relatively hidden terrace in the old town, A’e Caffe sells a delightful menu of reasonably priced cocktails, matching tried and tested favorites with a local twist.

Botaničar, Zagreb: This gorgeous spot is a cafe by day and cocktail bar by night and seems more like an art gallery than anything else, displaying works by excellent local talent on rotation.

Book Caffe, Rijeka: With a super cool ambiance and young friendly staff this venue is the spot to spend your evenings in Rijeka, hosting open mic comedy (on Wednesdays) and jazz (on Fridays).

Soul Caffe & Rakhija Bar, Dubrovnik: In a private alley off one of Dubrovnik’s main arteries, this exceptionally charismatic bar sells great cocktails and meat and cheese platters, and hosts live musicians throughout the summer season.

Bard Mala Buža, Dubrovnik: There are two buža bars on both sides of the city walls of Dubrovnik, this being the more spacious and better of the two. Nothing beats sunning yourself on the rocks and having a swim between beverages.

Leopold's Craft Beer Bar, Split: The city’s best craft beers are sold in this fun bar in the old town, where locals and tourists all gather, united by a shared love of pints of the good stuff. 

Tennis Bar, Split: In the beach neighborhood of Firule, Tennis Bar is one not to miss. Grab a table overlooking the sea and kick back for the night. Maybe catch one of their parties, which are second to none.

Bar Sistema, Split: A classy spot in the old town center; if you like a good bougie cocktail bar, this one’s for you. Lush interiors and an excellent menu will keep you happy all night.

Crew Bar, Split: A heavy metal bar in Split, Crew is a nano-brewery that pours an excellent beer as well as stocks a solid range of whiskeys and other spirits.

The Best Digital Nomad Cafes in Croatia

Korica, Zagreb: This cute artisan bakery is lined with plants and blessed with a large table that is perfect for working on. You never knew you needed a cruffin (croissant muffin) until now.

Quahwa, Zagreb: There’s indoor and outdoor seating at this specialty coffee roaster, who are loved for their serious approach to coffee and friendly attitude. It gets busy but well worth getting there early to nab a table.

Cookie Lab, Split: Cafes don’t get cozier and tastier than this. Local nomads swear by Cookie Lab for its solid WiFi, incredible snacks, and lovely staff.

D16, Split: Another proper coffee roaster, D16 is tucked away on a side alley in Split’s old town so is less frequented by tourists and a great place to prop yourself for a day of caffeine-supported work.

Book Caffe, Rijeka: A super cozy space for getting some work done, as well as chatting to the locals over a coffee.

The Best Coworking Spaces in Croatia for Digital Nomads

The Works, Split: Now something of a Split institution, The Works is workspaces as it should be, busy, dynamic, and well-designed. 

Smartspace, Split: Split’s relatively newly opened, boutique coworking space is vying with The Works for the top spot, boasting sleek but fun interiors conceived entirely with a nomad audience in mind.

Klub Mladih, Rijeka: Where a fun, social atmosphere meets work ethic, this is one of Croatia’s best. It’s a young graduate crowd there, plus a great cafe hosted by great staff.

SquareOne, Zagreb: With facilities that include showers, lounges, and kids play area, absolutely everything has been thought of and provided for here at Square One.

HUB385, Zagreb: Based just behind the main train station in town, HUB385 is the capital’s longest-established coworking space, welcoming locals and nomads for over 7 years. Their experience shows, with both staff and facilities proving excellent.

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