Ono Mergen, author of The Best Digital Nomad Destinations in Madeira, shares her picks for the Portuguese island's best hangout spots for dining, working, and dancing.

The Best Restaurants in Madeira for Digital Nomads

Steak and Sun, Ponta do Sol: A great place for the perfect steak dinner, be it fish or meat. You get what’s on the tin with Steak and Sun, there is no small print. A great steak in the sunniest part of the island.

Prima Caju, Funchal: The go-to place for healthy brunch or lunch bowls. Popular for breakfast, brunch, and healthy lunch, Prima Caju is a cozy and elegant place for every occasion during the day.

Food Hall, Funchal: Situated on the beautiful Rua Imperatriz D Amélia, the Food Hall is a nicely designed place with a wide selection of restaurants and bars. You can come here for a quick bite, to read, to work, or even for some evening drinks with friends.

Three House, Funchal: in the heart of Funchal is excellent from morning to night. You can get brunch and work on their terrace or come for dinner and a weekend party. It boasts a beautiful boutique hotel design and has excellent service.

Casa Velha Restaurant, Funchal: Elegant, old-timey tavern style, Casa Velha dazzles with its green garden, crisp white tablecloths, cozy fairy lights, and great service.

Konsai Sushi, Funchal: Situated in Old Town Funchal close to the ocean promenade, Konsai Sushi is a great place to give in to your sushi cravings.

Pimpinelas, Santa Cruz: A vegetarian venue between the airport and Machico, it is fantastic for a quick lunch if you are in the area. Make sure to call them if they are open, as they can be slightly inconsistent with their opening hours.

A Pipa, Porto da Cruz: It is one of the most highly rated restaurants on the island. It is on a no-fuss, first-come, first-served basis; they do not accept reservations. It is probably one the best places to try the local seafood specialty, lapas.

Maktub Pub, Paul do Mar: Popular with the surfer and paraglider crowd, this bar and restaurant are famous for its top-notch food and laid-back vibes. It is usually jam-packed, so make sure to arrive before sunset. This is the place for you if you are into spontaneous sunset party vibes.

Tasquinha do Pescador, Canical: A tiny, authentic fish bar. Locals love it, so you know they are good. It’s on the East Coast, in Canical, close to the beach and the Whale Museum.

The Best Bars in Madeira for Digital Nomads

Sai de Baixo, Gaula: Home to live music events and serving Brazilian snacks and food, this is the place to dance the night away by the ocean after watching the sunset. You can even join in most nights for improv sessions with the resident musicians.

Gate 23, Santa Cruz: This live music bar is right next to the ocean, under the airport runway with a go-kart club and other sports venues lodged between the giant concrete columns upholding the runway. The bar is cozy and hosts live music and themed food nights.

Nos Copos, Funchal: A cocktail bar in Lido known for its signature cocktails and hearty meals. They host live music sessions with local musicians and have a friendly, laid-back vibe.

The Small House, Ponta do Sol: A haven for craft beer lovers. Situated in the tiny street full of bars leading to the beach in Ponta do Sol, it gets busy very quickly in the evenings. They serve snacks and have cozy inside-outside seating areas.

Beerhouse, Funchal: Here you get fresh seafood and a stunning ocean view and they brew their own craft beer.

O Gala, Machico: This is a chill hangout place next to Amparo's workspace in Machico. It is situated among beautiful old trees, you get ocean views, and they usually let you take your food to the workspace and return the plates later.

Estalagem do Ponta do Sol, Ponta do Sol: By far one of the most beautiful venues on the island, they host the popular nomad event “Purple Fridays” every Friday. It is a sunset party with different DJs every week, and if you register in advance you can take the shuttle from Funchal. 

Museo do Café, Funchal: Great for snacks and beer, this laid-back venue in the center of Funchal is popular with nomads. With more affordable prices than the venues in the area, it can be a good choice for a night out without breaking the bank.

Musa Lounge Bar, Funchal: Situated on the picturesque Rua Impératriz d Amélia, Musa is a popular spot with the Funchal Community for events. With an interior reminiscent of mid-century bars, expect amazing cocktails and friendly staff.

Rei da Poncha and Taberna da Poncha, Ribera Brava: Here, you can try the most famous poncha bars in the Ribera Brava Valley, which is the best area to try the traditional drink. 

The Best Digital Nomad Cafes in Madeira

Design Centre Nini Andrade Silva, Funchal: Situated right on the shore, next to the docks, the design center welcomes digital nomads at their café. It’s a perfect spot for afternoon work, crowned with a spectacular sunset looking over the ocean.

Greenhouse Coffee Roaster, Monte: This is a coffee shop inside the palace botanical gardens on Monte. It has not only healthy food options and the best specialty coffee on the island.

Maia Coffee Shop, Funchal: Looking for a quick caffeine stop and short bursts of work? Maia Coffee Shop is one of the few specialty coffee shops on the island — excellent service, good WiFi, kombucha, juices, and different pastries every day.

Art Food Corner, Funchal: Art Food Corner lives up to its name by offering great coffee and all the avocado dishes and is a great choice for working longer hours, with quick healthy snack breaks.

Loja do Chá, Funchal: A charming teahouse and cafe with a wide selection of international teas, this is an oasis in the center of the city, situated on a charming little square with ample outdoor seating.

The Best Coworking Spaces in Madeira for Digital Nomads

Amparo Workspace, Machico: This is a free workspace in the center of Machico with ocean views and is located inside an old fort surrounded by ancient trees and an array of cafés and restaurants. Amparo hosts nomad events regularly.

John do Passos Cultural Centre, Funchal: The first free coworking space on the island of Madeira. It doubles as a meetup point and event space. A perfect choice if you are looking for younger crowds and a neverending stream of events.

Cowork Funchal, Funchal: In the center of Funchal, in one of the most beautiful areas of town, this is one of the most well-equipped and biggest of all the coworking spaces in Madeira.

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