Thess Mostoles, author of The Best Digital Nomad Neighborhoods in Madrid for Digital Nomads, shares her picks for the Spanish capital's best restaurants, bars, coworking spaces, and cafes.

The Best Restaurants in Madrid for Digital Nomads

Casa Botín: Opened in 1725, Casa Botín holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest restaurant in the world. The same stone oven has been lit every day for three centuries, and the charm of the location, a wine cellar from the 1590s, is unmatchable. It’s not the type of restaurant one goes to for a quick weekday lunch, but on special occasions, you’ll feel like eating inside a piece of history. Make sure you book in advance for this one.

La Berenjena: A cozy tavern with a great terrace in a good location, It offers a modern twist on traditional Spanish food like croquetas at attractive prices.

Malacatín: This is another restaurant tavern with a lot of history. Open since 1895, it offers one of the best cocidos in Madrid. The cocido is a Spanish stew with meats, garbanzo beans, and vegetables. The portion sizes are generous, and if you finish it, it’s free. But don’t get too excited; in 127 years, no one has been able to eat it all. 

La Pentola Mágica: This Italian-run Italian restaurant is barely noticeable from the street, does not have a website, only has a few tables, fills quickly for lunch, and does not take bookings — but the food is excellent. Reasonable prices and cash only.

Kritikos: Kritikos has a small selection of traditional Greek food. Its prices are higher than in other Greek restaurants in the city, but the food quality and the staff are excellent.  

Korea Restaurant: It is not easy to find Korean food in Madrid, but Korea Restaurant serves authentic South Korean specialties, often frequented and recommended by the South Korean diaspora in Madrid. 

Benares: Benares is a high-end restaurant paying homage to Indian cuisine. Each of its dishes explores a different region of India. 

Food Markets: Many of Madrid’s old markets, like the San Fernando, San Miguel, or San Antón, have been converted into modern food markets with dozens of food and drink options. You can enjoy specialty restaurants, food stands, bars, and seating spaces. It is a perfect option for meeting with people because someone can have a Japanese Bao, while someone else digs into the Galician octopus.

Distrito Vegano: Distrito Vegano is one of the best vegan restaurants in Madrid that supplies a great variety of innovative and locally-sourced vegan food.

Los Montes de Galicia: Galicia is one of the richest areas of Spain in its cuisine and this restaurant honors it with good quality ingredients and its modern twist on traditional recipes. 

The Best Bars in Madrid for Digital Nomads

El Cantábrico: This seafood tapas bar runs away from pretentiousness by focusing on fresh seafood and good beer and wine. It is a small place where most people stand around, and it can get very crowded between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., as it is typical to go there before lunch for the aperitivo (appetizer). 

Calle 365: Neon, black light, and colorful decoration inspired by Mexican culture await a younger crowd in this club. It stands out in the Madrid scene, and you can have tequila and tacos until 3:00 a.m. To enter, you must first state the weekly password at the door, which you can find on its Instagram bio.

Casa Alberto: This 200-year-old tavern has excellent food and drinks. While it has kept its historic old looks, it has modernized its food options. The great writer Miguel de Cervantes lived in the same building, and the tavern was a beacon during the 80s music scene in Madrid, known as La Movida

Casa Labra: Casa Labra is also well-known among the locals for its tapas, especially its cod dishes. The pub has been witness to much of the country's history, as it was popular among intellectuals since the 1860s and the place where one of the two major political parties still active today was funded. 

Salmon Guru: Its original cocktails and attention to detail make it unique among Las Letras Quarter establishments. Also, according to the prestigious list of The World’s 50 Best Bars, this bar is among the best in the world.

Casa Revuelta: This tapas bar serves the most popular deep-fried cod in the city, a recipe they have not changed since the 1960s.

Taberna Ángel Sierra: Another city classic, this tavern was the location for one of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar's movies The Flower of My Secret. It specializes in wine and pub food. 

Isa: Isa combines Spanish, Mediterranean, and Asian Cocktails inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid. The interior styling brings you back to the beginning of the 20th century, invoking classic glamour and luxury. 

Azotea del Círculo de Bellas Artes: Azotea is a 1926 building home to a private arts center with the city's best views from its rooftop bar. It’s on the pricey side, but the variety of drinks and tapas is good, and the views are unmatchable. 

Chocolateria San Gines: The churro is a staple in the Madrileño tradition, and no place represents that better than Chocolateria San Ginés, which in a single day can make 90,000 churros. 

The Best Digital Nomad Cafes in Madrid

Café de la Academia: The cafe inside the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain is a well-kept secret. Spaniards would say it holds the three Bs: bueno, bonito, y barato (good, beautiful, and cheap). It maintains an intimate, calm environment with high ceilings and oversized windows.

La Fugitiva: La Fugitiva is a cafe-bookshop combo. It also has a pretty active event calendar, so although it’s an excellent place to get some work done, the events might conflict with your silence. 

Delic: This cafe is very calm during the week, although it can get busy at weekends. It has small comfortable tables and great light. Aside from great coffee and snacks, it offers a small selection of hot food for lunch, making it a great option if you work all day. 

Federal Café: Available in other cities, this café has been designed for people who want to get some work done and for teams who wish to collaborate. It has a mix of small and group-size tables, great for an informal team meeting. 

Pum Pum Café: This is a popular place among expats to get some work done. Some of its tables are vintage school desks with space under the table for storage. However, this trendy place can get crowded. 

The Best Coworking Spaces in Madrid for Digital Nomads

Cybele Palace (former Palace of Communications)
: The current headquarters is the Madrid City Hall and the cultural center CentroCentro. While it might not be a traditional coworking space, the palace offers a free space with tables, free Internet, and plugs for all visitors. There is also a cafe inside and a restaurant on the top floor with great views of the city center. 

Freeland: Aside from several offices spread around the city, Freeland offers services such as your private Internet server, legal counsel, or tax filing assistance.  

Loom Tapices: Loom has several spaces around the city. Still, its Atocha location is remarkable, as it is inside Spain’s Royal Tapestry Factory grounds, in a 1700s high ceilings brick building. Aside from a small garden and outdoor space, it has a kitchen, desks, and conference rooms. Its more modern location in Torre Chamartín offers an intelligent building and a rooftop with skyline views. 

La Fabrica: With five locations in the city, its offices are modern and accessible via public transport. La Fabrica is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. As a perk, its spaces are dog-friendly. Perfect when you have to meet with clients in a different time zone. 

Impact Hub Madrid: With five locations across Madrid, Impact Hub is one of the most affordable options, starting at 15€ for a day pass. It also offers flexibility if you want to travel to Malaga or Barcelona and continue working, as it also has spaces in those cities.

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