Lydia Carey, author of The Best Digital Nomad Neighborhoods in Mexico City, shares her picks for the best restaurants, bars, cafes, and coworking spaces in this vibrant and delicious capital city.

The Best Restaurants in Mexico City for Digital Nomads

Nico’s Restaurant: What could be better than a nostalgic old-school Mexican vibe with delicious traditional recipes. The trip out to Nico’s can be a bit of a haul, but it’s 100% worth it. 

Rosetta: The brainchild of one of Latin America’s most famous female chefs, Rosetta lives up to all its hype with a seamless combination of Italian and Mexican influences in a gorgeous setting. 

Pasillo de Humo: For a taste of authentic Oaxacan cuisine without having to leave the city head over the Pasillo de Humo in Condesa. A cheese-stuffed hoja santa leaf, yellow mole with beef, or sweet plantain croquette are all you need to feel on the Isthmus. 

Sartoria: Mexican-born, Italian-trained and Mexico City-inspired, the chef of Sartoria has built an incredible menu of house-made pastas and other delights in a smartly designed space right off the park. 

Fonda Margarita: Here you'll find one of the city’s best breakfast joints. Fonda Margarita skyrocketed  to fame when Anthony Bourdain came to town but was always special to the locals that have had their bodies and souls fed here for years. 

Mi Compa Chava: The new and buzzy Mi Compa Chava is turning heads across the city. Baja California and Sonora-style seafood combines with crazy michelada creations and mouth-puckering aguachiles for an amazing lunch or early dinner. 

Barbacoa Renatos: Out in a residential Colonia Azcaotzalco with few restaurants and even fewer tourists, is one of the best barbacoa joints in the city with their buttery lamb cooked right on site. Weekends only. 

Maximo Bistrot: Lalo Garcia has made me happy with everything he’s created while soaring to success in the past five years, but none more than his flagship location, Maximo Bistrot, where he uses local produce to create some of the city’s most memorable dishes. 

Paramo: Gourmet tacos, Mexican craft beer, and delicious cocktails in a chill ambiance… is there anything more that you need?

Quintonil: Listed among the best restaurants in the world, Quintonil takes endemic ingredients and traditional flavors and transforms them into culinary works of art. 

The Best Bars in Mexico City for Digital Nomads

Baltra: Named after one of the Galapagos Island, Baltra has a swanky nautical theme and classic cocktails with housemade mixers and a lot of panache. This tiny bar is fancy enough to impress but cozy enough to feel like a local hangout. 

Limantour: A consistent member of Latin America’s fifty best bars, Limantour has an carefully curated list of top notch cocktails and two locations—one in the heart of Roma, the other in the heart of Polanco. 

Bosforo: Hole-in-the-wall chic, Bosforo is hidden among the towering buildings of the Centro Historico and is a fantastic place to try some small-batch mezcal and get a feel for the local scene. 

Maison Artemisia: With colorful cocktail creations and an early 20century speakeasy vibe, Maison Artemisia is one of Colonia Roma’s hidden watering holes for poetic souls. 

Bolero Cafe: Find this bar following the strains of salsa played on vinyl records that floats out the door. An always lively spot, this neighborhood bar serves artisanal mezcal, craft beer, and cocktails pretension and fuss. 

Hotel Casa Awholly: The design-minded will love this bar on the rooftop of a renovated old mansion on the Roma-Condesa border. They have great signature cocktails and delectable bites. 

Mano Santo: The minimalist industrial style and extensive bar at Mano Santo make it a good place to join the party or bring your own, especially if you want to taste the Mano Santo mezcal brand that they make working with a single Oaxacan producer. 

Patio Escondido: One of Roma’s many new beer gardens, Patio Escondido is the project of Monstruo de Agua brewery in Mexico City and is a casual spot to drink great beer under twinkling lights and the moon. 

Parker and Lenox: Diner in front, speakeasy in the back, Parker and Lenox presents great music—flamenco, jazz, blues—in an intimate, throwback setting with some of the best cocktails in the city. 

Drukendog: This mellow bar and streetside patio has a massive selection of local craft beer on tap and in bottles, with some microbreweries you can only find in the city.

The Best Digital Nomad Cafes in Mexico City

Cardinal: A strong neighborhood vibe infuses Cardinal and they seem to always have something cool (but low) playing from the cafe’s speakers. Coffee and a small lunch menu mean you can work all day if you need to. 

Blend Station: a Mexico City favorite among mobile workers, Blend Station has lots of areas for working and plugging in as well as a satisfyingly long list of coffee specialties and other little delights.

Dosis: Be forewarned that you can’t visit Dosis and not be tempted by the pastries, but they also have nice spaces to spread out and work and outdoor tables if you need some fresh air. 

Boicot: This working cafe isn’t just for run-of-the-mill coffee drinkers, they also served matcha, infusions, cold brews, frappes, chais, and beer. Their extra long floor space offers lots of corners to avoid other people’s conversations too. 

Porrua Chapultepec: This cafe and bookstore has one of the city’s best settings at the edge of the Chapultepec park. If you can resist just staring out the window all day, it’s an amazing place to get a cup of joe and work. 

The Best Coworking Spaces in Mexico City for Digital Nomads

WeWork: There are wework locations throughout the city, but I particularly like the Juarez location because it puts you in the center of everything geographically. The facilities are modern, sleek, and technologically outfitted in a way that smaller, local brands just can’t compete with. I love this quirky cowork in the heart of Colonia Roma, with vintage décor, lots of light and a super friendly staff it is one of the coziest coworks in the city. 

Colony Spaces: Sleek, modern interiors in five locations across the city, each with a slightly different layout and amenities. With membership at one you can use all five, and a free scooter rental is a just one of their little bonuses. 

Cubic Idea: The Cubic idea on Jalapa street in Colonia Roma has lots of well-lit work spaces, tall ceilings, an awesome rooftop, and a geeky-fun start-up vibe. Your membership gets you access to both Cubic locations and includes the next door gym.

The Pool: The dream coworking spacein my opinion, with tons of cool areas for moving around, pinball machines, and meeting rooms with more character that your average blank white box.

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