Carla Vianna, author of The Best Digital Nomad Neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro shares her favorite restaurants, bars, cafes, and coworking spaces in this Brazilian city between the mountains and the sea.

The Best Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro for Digital Nomads

Polis Sucos: An iconic fresh juice and sandwich counter near Ipanema Beach. The açai and tuna sandwiches are among the best in Rio.

Nusa Cafe: Ipanema’s Bali-inspired cafe with a fresh selection of smoothies, salads, and lunch bowls, including the Southeast Asian fried rice dish Nasi goreng.

Babbo Osteria: A chic Italian restaurant housed inside a historic mansion in Ipanema. The menu ranges from comforting pasta bowls to hefty meat dishes.

Jojo Café Bistrô: A tiny sidewalk bistro in the residential neighborhood of Jardim Botanico. Go for the oyster happy hour on Thursdays.

Braseiro da Gávea: A perpetually packed steakhouse serving salty picanha with broccoli rice, fries, and farofa de banana (a crumby flour mixture with banana) in the local Gavea neighborhood.

San: It can be difficult to find good sushi in Rio, but San in Leblon fully delivers.

Escama: A beautiful seafood restaurant in Jardim Botanico, where you can order freshly caught fish smoked on the grill.

Sult: A lively restaurant serving Italian cuisine with Mediterranean influences and natural wine in Botafogo.

Miam Miam: This is a romantic restaurant specializing in “comfort foods” in a homey setting.

Aprazível: One of the prettiest restaurants in Rio, located atop the hilly Santa Teresa neighborhood in a jungle-like setting overlooking the city.

The Best Bars in Rio de Janeiro for Digital Nomads

Jobi: A longstanding bar in Leblon serving “stupidly” cold beer, as Brazilians like to say.

Boteco Belmonte: The most well-known brand of bars in Rio, with spacious locations all over the city. Aside from the drinks on the table, shots, and snacks are passed around all night.

Boteco Boa Praça: With locations in Leblon and Ipanema, this well-known bar is one of the most packed in Rio. When there’s no more space inside, people drinking beers and caipirinhas spill onto the sidewalks.

Bar Urca: Founded in 1939, this quaint corner bar is located in the charming neighborhood of Urca, right across the street from the water. Young people flock here for beers and fried seafood snacks during sunset. 

Pavão Azul: Cold beer, shrimp risotto, and fried cod fritters are served at this traditional restaurant/bar in Copacabana.

Bar da Laje: Located at the top of the Vidigal favela, this bar boasts one of the most beautiful views in Rio. To get there, you’ll need to hop on the back of a motorcycle taxi. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping ride up.

Bar da Lapa: Lapa is a bohemian neighborhood in downtown Rio known for its fun nightlife. Here you’ll be at the center of the action, with live music and drinks flowing through the night.

Canastra Rose: A well-known wine bar in Botafogo, with a vintage French feel and a cool crowd.

Bar Bracarense: An award-winning classic that embodies carioca bar culture in Leblon.

The Best Digital Nomad Cafes in Rio de Janeiro

The Slow Bakery: An artisanal bakery and cafe reminiscent of a Brooklyn coffee shop. There are plenty of tables to work from inside, as well as an open-air rooftop terrace.

Livraria da Travessa: A cozy bookstore with locations in Ipanema, Leblon, and Botafogo. There’s typically a work-friendly cafe on the second floor.

Aussie Coffee: An Australian cafe and digital nomad hub in Ipanema.

Fika Cafes: A laidback cafe in Rio’s downtown business district.

Farro: A pizzeria that doubles as a cafe with plenty of tables to work from in Copacabana.

The Best Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads in Rio de Janeiro

Botafogo Praia Shopping: There’s a free coworking space on the third floor of this mall.

Selina Copacabana: A comfortable coworking space with meeting rooms, private offices, and desks for rent inside the Selina hotel in Copacabana.

WeWork in downtown Rio: A sophisticated, six-floor coworking office in the heart of Rio’s business district.

WeWork in Bossa Nova Mall: Four floors of coworking space located inside a shopping mall connected to the Santos Dumont Airport, near downtown Rio.

Rio Co.working: Here you can find premium offices for rent in downtown Rio.

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