Breanna Wilson, author of The Best Digital Nomad Neighborhoods in Tbilisi, shares her picks for the Georgian's capital top dining, from contemporary to traditional, plus the best places to go out for a drink and get your work done.

The Best Restaurants in Tbilisi for Digital Nomads

Lolita: Lolita is one of Tbilisi’s staple restaurants, standing the test of time since opening back in 2018 when the Tbilisi food (and tourism) landscape was much different. Funky-cool vibes and even cooler patrons, Lolita is still hard to snag a table at even to this day, which is always a good sign.

Weller: Weller’s Middle Eastern flair mixed with Tbilisi’s insanely delicious vegetables and meat make the restaurant inside the Communal Hotel a must-stop—especially for weekend brunch. Order a mezze platter and split it with the table but be sure to leave room for dessert—their deconstructed Snickers is incredibly indulgent and completely necessary to try at least once.

Mapshalia: Mapshalia’s no-frills, let-the-food-speak-for-itself mentality is exactly what makes this restaurant a standout. The food here is full of depth and flavor in a way that only someone who has made these dishes for years could do so seamlessly. Try the elarji, lobia (bean pot), and mtsvadi (BBQ) with potatoes, and wash it all down with a shot of chacha. 

Metis: Pairing French with Georgian cuisine might not be an obvious choice, but if Metis has taught us anything, it’s that it works. And that it works really, really well. With escargot khinkali in garlic butter and topped with parsley, rillette, camembert with truffle, pork mtsvadi (skewers), and a cheeseburger topped with sulguni cheese all gracing the menu, you’ll want to bring friends with you so you can try as many dishes as you can when you visit.

Stamba Café: If there was one restaurant that has become the poster child for consistency, service, and good eating in Tbilisi, it’s Stamba Café. No matter the time of day the cafe is always bustling with life. From the main dining area to the pink bar, the outside seating spaces on both ends of the restaurant as well as the Asian corner hidden by the chocolate roasting area in the back, the cafe never disappoints. As long as you can find a seat, that is.

Linville: With a cozy vintage interior, the occasional live jazz set, and all those Georgian dishes you’ll start to crave after just one bite, Linville is a gem in the heart of Old Tbilisi. Stroll in any time of day for tea or dessert, or something more substantial—which should always be paired with a glass of wine. Linville is the type of place where immediately after stepping in you feel right at home away from home.

Ninia’s Garden: On warm summer days, the back outdoor garden is the only place to spend an evening and have a delightful respite from the hustle and bustle of city life just outside. The homemade compote, cocktails, and selection of Georgian wines are the only way to refresh yourself after a long day. Book a table in advance and go early and stay late.

Klike’s Khinkali: Down a flight of steps, this dumpling house near the Parliament building is the place for Georgia’s famous dumplings, which can only be washed down with a draft of cold beer. Since there are a few things to know about eating khinkali, this is also a great place to try these dreamy little pillows for yourself. There’s an art to understanding how many to order, which the staff is quick—and happy to—help with.

Keto & Kote: For a celebratory night out, a table at Keto & Kote (named after the 1919 opera) is the ultimate reservation to get. Finding the restaurant is half the fun because it’s tucked back into the hillside in the heart of Vera where the views and the dishes you’re rewarded with are worth the adventure. Don’t be intimidated by the white tablecloths, the atmosphere is still relaxed and the waiters are patient as you ask about the difference between each of the seasonal dishes on the menu.

DADI Wine Bar: One of the best natural wine bars in Tbilisi (and there are a few), DADI Wine Bar makes every guest feel welcome from the first sip to the last bite. The restaurant itself is small, but what they lack in size they make up for in passion. Located in Sololaki on Shalva Dadiani Street, and just off Freedom Square, stopping in for a glass of Khikhvi semi-sweet natural wine or Rkatsiteli never ends with just one glass.

The Best Bars in Tbilisi for Digital Nomads

Cocktail Factory at Wine Factory N1:  Located in a restored wine factory dating back to 1896 with rare wines still found in the basement of the building, the complex as a whole is worth exploring, one drink at a time, starting at Cocktail Factory. Tell the bartender the flavor profiles you prefer and allow them to make you something as special and unique as you are on the spot—their understanding of balance and complexity is unmatched.

Unfound Door Gastro Bar: The Unfound Door Hotel is still a bit of a secret in Tbilisi, which means, you better get there now. Located in Marjanishvili, just off Aghmashenebeli Avenue, the boutique hotel—the former home of an influential Armenian writer and a house famous for the creative crowd it once attracted—has been carefully, and beautifully restored for the last few years. If you’re not staying at the hotel, the downstairs Gastro Bar is the perfect chance to peek inside and experience the vibes and harmony of the hotel, but with a cocktail hand.

41 Art of Drinks: One of the pioneers of the cocktail scene in Tbilisi, 41 Art of Drinks continues to be one of the most innovative places in the city. In the heart of Sololaki, and behind a secret door (look for the lit martini glass in the alleyway to know you’ve found the spot), the rotating menu and talented mixologists always have something up their sleeve. From tkemali (the famous Georgian plum) creations to chacha (Georgian brandy) concoctions, there’s one thing that’s for certain here, whatever you’re served, it will be uniquely Georgian and perfectly composed.

L’ADO by Valiko: With “chill raves” every night of the week (as they call them), funky decor, and the coolest crowd this side of the Mktvari, it’s almost a guarantee that stopping in here will result in a good time. With a prime spot in the freshly restored Lado Gudiashvili Square, the new iteration of Valiko Mansion has a dance floor, terrace, and some of the most consistent and reliable bartenders in town for whatever you’re craving.

Prinz Bar: While Prinz Bar opens daily at 2 p.m. as a vegan restaurant and bar, doubling as a great place to work for a few hours, once the sun goes down the music turns up. With different rooms for different moods, the atmosphere is always upbeat and inclusive.

Dedaena Bar: As one of the most legendary bars in the city, Dedaena Bar has long been front and center in Tbilisi’s party scene. Serving vegetarian food and with monthly programming that includes Sunday hip-hop nights, open jam sessions, and electronic music, the music is front and center at this much-talked-about spot on the riverbank.

Politika Bar: Attracting a young, cool, creative crowd, Politika Bar is a great place to meet and make friends. With a relaxed atmosphere and friendly bartenders, it’s as much about soaking in the moment as it is enjoying a freshly shaken cocktail or bottle of wine. Grab a garden chair in the afternoon and stay through the evening.

Aprili: Marjanishvili’s nightlife scene took a step in the right direction when Aprili moved in. Sharing a space with Honoré and Meoba Bar, all three of which deserve the same recognition, the crowd at Aprili is always ready for a good time—especially when the weather is nice.

Moulin Electrique at Fabrika / Fabrika: Fabrika is one of the most talked about and referred to spots in the city, thanks to a bumping lobby bar and outside courtyard that offers guests and locals everything from natural wine tastings to pizza and more. Moulin Electrique is a long-time favorite for its khachapuri and central location in the Fabrika courtyard. Order well and sit as long as you like, the spirit here is infectious.

Left Bank: Named after its location on Tbilisi’s other side of the river, Left Bank is the latest nightclub and nightlife spot for those who love to dance all night long. Left Bank’s attention to music, drinks, and vibe encapsulates everything great and progressive about Tbilisi’s maturing nightlife scene.

The Best Digital Nomad Cafes in Tbilisi

Groovy Roasters: With fresh-baked pastries and bread, and a menu strong enough to stand on its own, Groovy Roasters and its chill, bohemian vibes, picture windows, and drum tables give it an edge over other coffee shops in the city. Plus, you can grab one of the city’s best bags of freshly roasted coffee beans to go so you can keep the groove going even after you leave.  

Coffee Lab: Located in the residential Saburtalo neighborhood, Coffee Lab is the go-to spot on this side of town when you need to get some work done on your laptop. With free, reliable WiFi and a friendly and attentive staff, Coffee Lab is one of those places that just gets it. The tables are always clean, the brews on point, and the service speedy. 

Chaduna: Quaint and cozy, Chaduna is a small spot where you walk in and feel like family. Owner David Dukashvili’s vision to serve delicious, unpretentious meals is as welcoming and fulfilling as they come. Order the chizhi bizhi (shakshuka) or one of his famous bruschettas and post up for the day. Don’t even bother bringing earphones, the music and hum of international conversations in the background will surely have you find your flow state in no time. 

Fabrika: Try not to get overwhelmed the first time you step foot in Fabrika. For the most comfortable working spots, stick to the hostel’s lobby area. When it’s time for a change of scenery, simply step outside into the back courtyard, where restaurants, wine bars, ceramic shops, record stores, and more are waiting to inspire you. Grab a seat at the spot that calls to you and continue working your day away without interruption.

Hurma: With a new, larger location in Sololaki than its previous iteration in Vera, Hurma is a comfortable and spacious cafe that calls remote workers and students. From lavender lattes to healthy meal options from syrniki (ricotta pancakes) with berries to coconut oatmeal, as well as falafel wraps and avocado sandwiches, Hurma is a place where you won’t feel guilty about occupying a table all day—or eating out. Order a latte with soy milk or an espresso topped with orange juice (called a bumble coffee) and spend an afternoon, or three, crossing things off your to-do list. 

The Best Coworking Spaces in Tbilisi for Digital Nomads

D Block: D Block is the brainchild of the same group that developed Stamba Hotel, Rooms Hotel, Fabrika, and Lolita—so you know it’s good. With hot desks, private offices, and meeting rooms available for short or long-term rent, D Block is attracting some of the most innovative companies in Tbilisi to call their space home.

Impact Hub at Fabrika: Located inside Fabrika, a former sewing house turned hostel and hangout, Impact Hub’s coworking space is where software engineers, journalists, investment bankers, finance managers, business operations consultants, and more all rub elbows. With member events to meet the Hub’s other desk dwellers and plenty of opportunities to chat while brewing a cup of coffee, the people who call Impact Hub home are part of Tbilisi’s most interesting crowd.

LOKAL Tbilisi: LOKAL is not only a coworking space, it’s alsoa co-living space as well. With ten co-living rooms perfect for digital nomads and remote workers new to Tbilisi, LOKAL has everything a digital nomad could need: free WiFi, community events including board game nights, barbecues, guest lectures, and free coffee and tea.

Terminal Roses Garden: At the Terminal Roses Garden a flex desk will cost you 40 GEL a day (about $15 USD) or 500 GEL for a monthly membership (about $175 USD). You can also rent conference and meeting rooms or set up a private office for up to 20 employees for 1,250 gel a month ($445 USD) if you need something more substantial. While Terminal has several co-working locations across Tbilisi, the Roses Garden building is the best for its open floor layout and space. Plus, the surrounding area is filled with great restaurants and bars, including Chveni Restaurant, Strada, and Ninia’s Garden.

Collider: For a smaller, less intimidating place to set up shop for a day, month, or more, Collider is an eclectic coworking spot in Vake full of plants, neon signs, vintage posters, bean bags, and books. Store your valuables in one of the lockers and order a coffee or tea from the reasonably priced in-house coffee shop or simply bring your own—you’ll also have access to the community kitchen.

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