What You Need to Know About the Cape Verde Digital Nomad Visa


Launched in December 2020, the Cape Verde digital nomad visa was one of the very first visa programs available to global remote workers. Made up of ten unique islands, nine of which are inhabited, Cape Verde (also known as Cabo Verde) is an island paradise in the central Atlantic Ocean. Now open to digital nomads for long-term stays, it’s no longer just the locals and holidaymakers that can enjoy the white sand beaches. The digital nomad visa, referred to officially as the Cape Verde Remote Working Program, allows international remote workers to live and work from the archipelago for an initial six-month period with the potential to renew.

From the minimum average bank balance to the curious airport exit fee—find out everything you need to know about the Cape Verde digital nomad visa in our guide to remote working in the country. 

What is the Cape Verde Digital Nomad Visa?

Known as the Cape Verde Remote Working Program, the digital nomad visa allows international remote workers to live and work from Cape Verde for an initial six-month period. Successful applicants may be able to renew their visa for an additional six months, allowing up to one year.

This form of visa, launched in response to the global pandemic, offers a solution for international remote workers to spend longer periods of time in a country/nation under specific guidelines. Before this, digital nomads were left in a grey area and were often left to complete border runs and squeeze their way into alternative visa schemes. 

Nurall's global digital nomad guide has the complete list of all countries currently offering a digital nomad visa.

Why is the Cape Verde Digital Nomad Visa Better Than a Tourist Visa?

The standard tourist visa in Cape Verde allows remote workers to visit the islands for just 30 days, but with the digital nomad visa you could stay up to six months or a year. In addition to the primary applicant, nomads have the option to bring their family members with them. A family group application can be completed, comprised of the applicant's spouse, partner, and dependent(s).

Cape Verde Digital Nomad Visa Requirements 

Unfortunately, the Cape Verde digital nomad visa is not open to everybody and a short list of requirements must be met for a successful application. To qualify for the remote working visa, nomads must satisfy the following criteria: 

  • Valid Passport: The applicant's passport must be valid for the entire visa duration.
  • €1,500 Average Bank Balance: Applicants must prove a minimum average bank balance of at least €1,500 over the last six months. This must be completed by providing bank statements.
  • Remote Worker: All applicants must be remote workers (freelancers, employees, or business owners) from outside of Cape Verde. 
  • Citizenship: Applicants applying for the remote working visa must be a citizen from a country in Europe, North America, the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), or the Economic Community of West African States (CEDEAO).
  • Health Insurance: Applicants must show proof of health insurance with coverage in Cape Verde.  
  • Clean Criminal Record: All applicants must provide a certified criminal record check from their home country. 

How to Apply 

It’s quick and easy to apply for the Cape Verde remote working program online. The following step-by-step guide is designed to walk applicants through the entire process. 

Step 1: Collect all Necessary Documents 

For the Cape Verde digital nomad visa, the following documents must be presented: 

  • Copy of passport bio page for the applicant(s)
  • Passport-sized photo of the applicant(s) (with a white background)
  • Proof of income and means of subsistence (bank statements for the last six months or a copy of the last three monthly salary receipts)
  • Proof of health insurance for the applicant(s)
  • Copy of accommodation booking

Once all documentation has been collected for all applicants, nomads may then proceed to complete the online application form. 

Step 2: Complete the Visa Application 

The visa application can be found on Cape Verde online portal. Applicants should follow the onscreen instructions, entering their personal information (name, date of birth, passport number, etc.) for each applicant and upload their documents.

Step 3: Await Visa Approval 

Current processing times for visa applications sit at two weeks with the outcome of the visa application emailed to the applicant. 

Step 4: Collect all Travel Documents

Unlike the majority of other digital nomad visa application processes, the Cape Verde online application requires just a handful of documents to be uploaded. A small number of additional documents must be provided to immigration when traveling to Cape Verde. The complete list of all required documents is as follows:

  • Additional signed and dated application form
  • Copy of visa approval letter
  • Passport-sized photo with a white background
  • Copy of passport bio page and entry stamp
  • Proof of income and means of subsistence (bank statements for the last six months or a copy of the last three monthly salary receipts)
  • Certified criminal background check
  • Copy of accommodation booking 
  • Visa fee of €20
  • Airport exit fee of €34 

Step 5: Travel to Cape Verde to Obtain Nomad Visa

Once all required documents have been collected, applicants are then able to travel to Cape Verde and get their digital nomad visa. Applicants are given 30 days to officially obtain the visa which can be completed with an email sent to the Remote Working Program. The visa should then be delivered within five days. 

Why Choose Cape Verde for Your Next Remote Working Trip?

Located west of Senegal, Cape Verde is an island paradise that’s perfect for digital nomads. White sand beaches, fantastic seafood, a low cost of living, and a fascinating culture and just some of the reasons that we love the unique and vibrant country. Turning to the numbers and using the 2021 Legatum Prosperity Index, Cape Verde ranks in the 80th position. The annual independent study utilizing more than 100 different indexes to evaluate 167 different countries/nations, slots Cape Verde between Paraguay (79) and Jordan (81) for a near-midway position in the study. 

Remote Work Culture in Cape Verde

Cape Verde has a fantastic remote work culture with digital nomads flocking to the islands following the launch of the remote working visa. Despite the remote location, internet speeds are rated as good with strong connectivity throughout Cape Verde. For fixed broadband, an average download speed of approximately 14.7 Mbps and an upload speed of 9.8 Mbps may not be the fastest, but the local surroundings more than compensate. 

Cost of Living and Quality of Life in Cape Verde 

Rental prices are reportedly low in Cape Verde with estimated average pricing of 85.5% lower than equivalent properties in the U.S. This is met with restaurant prices which are estimated at 62.3% lower than in the States and grocery prices which are 45.9% lower than in the U.S. The quality of life in Cape Verde ranks the highest of all West African countries as stated by the United Nations. 

Healthcare in Cape Verde

Using the 2021 Legatum Prosperity Index, Cape Verde is ranked 87th out of the 167 different countries included in the study, ranking the country between Brazil (86) and Morocco (88). The health pillar takes into account a range of factors, including illness outcomes, mortality rates, and access to healthcare systems in Cape Verde. We would always recommend that every digital nomad, tourist, or traveler invests in a good-quality health insurance provider before traveling to Cabo Verde. Digital nomads may find the best value with a nomad-specific healthcare provider.


With white sand beaches, an inexpensive cost of living, and a dedicated remote work program designed for nomads and their families, Cape Verde is quickly becoming a top destination for roaming remote workers. Digital nomads are able to spend an initial six months in the country with the option of renewal for an additional six-month period. Applicants must meet a small list of requirements including a minimum average bank balance, a clean criminal record check, and proof of remote work outside of the country. For those that satisfy the criteria, Cape Verde proves to be one of the most exciting up-and-coming destinations for remote workers to enjoy.

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