3 Ways to Find Free Accommodation as a Digital Nomad


Between the constant flights, coworking space fees, and miscellaneous travel costs, life as a digital nomad can be expensive. We love it, but no one is saying it’s a cheap way to live your life, especially when you factor in the persistent and also constantly changing costs of accommodation. Living life in hotel rooms, Airbnbs, and co-living spaces will take its toll on your bank account and even though hostels and shared dorms can provide a cheap stay once in a while, free is always better.

Find out everything you need to know about securing free accommodation as a digital nomad in our short guide below. 

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Work Exchange

free accommodation as a digital nomad
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Work exchanges aren’t always the backbreaking labor in the beating heat that you’re probably picturing. Granted, a work exchange is not a free holiday, and, in exchange for a place to stay, you will have to work. But there’s often still plenty of time to keep up your remote working gig whilst volunteering on the road. 

Many platforms offer work exchange programs, but WorldPackers is the most popular. There are many different types of work exchange available, so you can find work everywhere from farms and guest houses to permaculture projects and holistic centers. If there’s a volunteering position that you like the sound of, chances are that it’ll be the perfect program for you. In exchange for your service, meals will often be included in your stay so the saving potential is huge. Combine this with a digital nomad income and you’re quickly able to save cash and gain a unique experience that will add some dimension to your resume.

House and Pet Sitting

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House sitting has got to be one of the best deals out there for digital nomads. Not only do you get to stay in some pretty nice places, but sometimes there’s even a furry friend to keep you company. Trusted House Sitters is an online platform that’s designed to make it as easy as possible for homeowners to find a sitter for the times that they’re away from home. 

There are homes listed globally on the site, from the UK and Europe to the United States and Canada. If you’ve got an upcoming trip, simply enter the destination and the dates to see if any homes strike your fancy. Naturally, there’s a lot less flexibility with these dates—it’s hard to extend a stay if the homeowners would like their bedroom back—but if you have the freedom and flexibility to do it, do it.

The majority of these listings are posted by homeowners with pets, so you will have a very important responsibility. Pet owners will provide guidelines on how best to look after their animals and you will need to respect their rules and wishes while looking after their home. It’s not for everybody, but accounts are free to create so there’s no harm in poking around to see if your dates line up with a perfect property.

Staying with Friends and Family

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We know we’re not breaking new ground here, but visiting your friends and relatives around the world is a pretty good way to plan your travels—and no, we’re not suggesting you move back in with your parents. Instead, do a little digging to see if you have any relatives living abroad you can visit—after all, they say wanderlust is in the genes.

Maybe you have a cousin that is studying abroad for university or a childhood friend who moved abroad when you were younger. It may feel a bit cheeky at first, but send them a message and get the conversation going. You may have more connections than you realize and although you can’t expect unbridled hospitality from everyone, you never know who is willing to invite you to stay. Just don’t forget to offer to chip in on groceries, help with chores around the house, and bring a gift as a thank you.


We’re sure that there are more methods than our recommended, especially if you’ve got the creativity and the entrepreneurial mindset to make things happen. Let us know how you get on over on our socials (Instagram, Twitter) and we look forward to hearing your free accommodation stories!

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