Not only does a powerful passport grant access to more visa-free travel destinations, but your nationality might make a difference when it comes to applying for digital nomad visas. This is in addition to the special exemptions and privileges, such as entry into the Schengen Area, which can also be available with a strong passport. 

But how exactly are passports ranked in terms of power, what are the most (and least) powerful passports available, and how powerful is your passport compared to other countries around the world? A quarterly study, completed by the Henley Passport Index, provides insights into the power of 199 different passports covering a total of 227 different destinations. The Index offers a unique data set, spanning more than 18 years with exclusive data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) used as its base. The Henley Passport Index is widely recognized as the industry standard referencing tool, allowing global citizens to assess their passport power as compared on a global scale. 

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The Most Powerful Passports for Digital Nomads in 2023 

Japan and Singapore share the gold medal position when it comes to passport ranking. Both nations benefit from travel to 193 destinations visa-free with the shared list of 34 visa-required destinations. The South Korean passport is ranked in the close second place position with nationals able to travel to 192 visa-free destinations. Germany and Spain share the bronze position with nationals able to travel to 191 visa-free destinations. 

Ranking Countries Visa-Free Destinations
1 Japan and Singapore 193
2 South Korea 192
3 Germany and Spain 191
4 Finland, Italy, and Luxembourg 190
5 Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden 189
6 France, Ireland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom 188
7 Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States 187
8 Australia, Canada, Greece, and Malta 186
9 Hungary and Poland 185
10 Slovakia 184

The Least Powerful Passports for Digital Nomads in 2023 

In addition to sharing the most powerful passports for digital nomads in 2023, the Henley Index also shares the least powerful in the line-up. In 2023, it’s Afghanistan that ranks bottom of the pile (in 108th position) with just 27 visa-free destinations that nationals can travel to. Iraq comes in the 107th position, with 29 visa-free destinations offered, and Syria completes the three least powerful passports for digital nomads in 2023 with just 30 visa-free destinations.

Ranking Countries Visa-Free Destinations
108 Afghanistan 27
107 Iraq 29
106 Syria 30
105 Pakistan 32
104 Yemen 34
103 Somanlia 35
102 Nepal 37
101 Palestinian Territory 38
100 North Korea, Libya, and Bangladesh 40
99 Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Kosovo, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo 41

How Powerful is My Passport? 

Digital nomads looking to check their passport power can use the “Compare My Passport” offered by the Henley Passport Index. The comparison tool allows users to view exactly where their passport is ranked on the global mobility spectrum. Users may add their own passports as well as up to three additional passports to view either “visa-free access” or “visa-required” comparisons. For example, a British national may add their United Kingdom passport as well as a Japanese passport, an American passport, and an Indian passport to compare.

Country United Kingdom Japan United States India
Global Ranking 6 1 7 82
Visa-Free Destinations 188 193 187 60
Visa-Required Destinations 39 34 40 167


Using the quarterly updated Henley Index, digital nomads can see exactly where their passport ranks them on the global mobility spectrum. Japan, Singapore, and South Korea make up the three most powerful passports for digital nomads in 2023 with respective 193, 193, and 192 visa-free destinations open for nationals. At the other end of the mobility spectrum, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria make up the least powerful trio of passports with respective 27, 29, and 30 visa-free destinations available. 

Digital nomads that cannot find their country listed in the top or bottom 10 positions listed in our post can either download the 2023 Henley Passport Index or use the online comparison tool to compare over 200 countries and territories.

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