What You Need to Know About the Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa


Made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a unique nation off the coast of East Africa. Despite its low population of approximately 100,000, Seychelles is quickly becoming an ideal place for remote workers to spend a full year on the road. Hopeful nomads can easily apply for the remote working visa the online application process. Low fees, simple onboarding forms, and an affordable cost of living make Seychelles a wonderful place for digital nomads to call home for a month or up to a year.

From the application process to the personal tax situation on the islands—find out everything you need to know about the Seychelles digital nomad visa in our guide to remote working in the country. 

What is the Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa?

Officially known as the Workcation Retreat Program, the Seychelles digital nomad visa allows remote workers to live and work from the African archipelago for up to one year on a visa specifically designed for remote workers. Thanks to the global pandemic and the shift in attitudes to the “work from home” model, we’ve seen a sharp rise in the digital nomad lifestyle around the world. The idea of “work from home” quickly spiraled to “work from anywhere” and with an army of remote employees, freelancers, and business owners looking to travel the world, global governments have been quick to respond. 

The Seychelles digital nomad visa joins the African Nations of Namibia, South Africa, and Cape Verde in offering a dedicated remote working visa for international remote workers. Our global digital nomad guide showcases the complete list of all countries currently offering a digital nomad visa.

Why is the Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa Better Than a Tourist Visa?

The Seychelles digital nomad visa is offered with an array of benefits over the typical tourist stay like access to resort facilities at discounted rates, access to healthcare facilities, and other essential services. In terms of income tax, visa holders will not be required to pay tax or customs duty on any work equipment, nor will they be required to pay any personal income tax to the government of Seychelles. Successful applicants will, however, not be able to engage in local partnerships or employment with the visa. 

The Seychelles Workation Retreat Program benefits can also be extended to the family members of the main applicant and both the spouse and any dependents will be able to travel and live in the Seychelles.

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa Requirements 

For a successful application, the following requirements must be met: 

  • Valid Passport: All applicants must be valid passport holders and must be a resident of countries permitted to visit Seychelles as defined by the Department of Health.
  • Remote Worker: Applicants must provide documents as proof of being a business owner or an employee.
  • Proof of Income: All applicants must show proof of source of income and or wealth. The specific details as to minimum values are currently unclear. 
  • Health Insurance: Applicants must hold a valid medical and travel insurance policy with coverage in Seychelles. Additionally, applicants must conform to Public Health Authority guidelines.

How to Apply 

The application for the Seychelles digital nomad visa is a simple, inexpensive process that can be completed entirely online. 

Step 1: Collect all Necessary Documents 

The first step when applying for any digital nomad visa is to first collect all of the necessary documents, which are:

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of income or wealth
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Evidence of onward travel
  • Proof of conform to Public Health Authority guidelines

Step 2: Complete the VWP Application 

After collecting all necessary documents, remote workers should then apply for the Visitors Workcation Permit (VWP) online. This must be completed at least 60 days in advance of travel to Seychelles. 

Step 3: Complete the HTA Application 

Following the application of the VWP, users are then required to apply for Health Travel Authorization (HTA), which can be done online.

Step 4: Make the Visa Fee Payment

A one-time fee of €45 will be charged for the combined application of both the VWP and HTA. 

Step 5: Await Visa Approval

Following submission, the visa should be expected to be processed within just a couple of weeks. Successful applicants will then receive a THA document with a personal ID number.

Why Choose Seychelles for Your Next Remote Working Trip?

The deep blue water, unspoiled beaches, and diverse ocean wildlife offer more than enough reasons to spend time in the Seychelles. Enjoy the sunsets, feast on some of the world's greatest seafood, and experience the island living the way that it’s best served. Turning to the numbers for confirmation, Seychelles is ranked between Montenegro (49) and Panama (51) in the 50th position in the 2021 Legatum Prosperity Index, an annual independent study utilizing more than 100 indexes to evaluate more than 160 countries. 

The country ranks highly, is easy on the eye, is open for nomads, and encourages remote work—in our book, it doesn’t get much better than Seychelles. Below we’ll take a look at some of the most important parts of long-term living in the country, from the cost of living and quality of life to the remote work culture on the islands.

Remote Work Culture in Seychelles

The island nation may have a small number of residents, but that doesn’t mean that quality coworking spaces cannot be found. Blend Seychelles, located in Providence, is the top choice among digital nomads, although local cafes and restaurants do cater to the laptop-wielding crowd. The internet speeds in Seychelles are reportedly adequate for remote work. The median fixed broadband download speed of 24.1 Mbps and upload speed of 19.5 Mbps is more than enough to maintain a good connection through virtual meetings and stream all of your favorite video content once the workday is complete. 

Cost of Living and Quality of Life in Seychelles

The cost of living in Seychelles is estimated to be similar to life in the United States with a cost of living estimated at just 9.1% lower. The quality of life in Seychelles is rated as good with the nation earning the title of fifth overall in Africa. Rent is, however, considerably lower than in the United States with an estimated average price 37.1% lower than in the US. Ultimately, this leads to an average cost of living for an individual digital nomad of $915 USD (without rent) or $3,290 (without rent) for a family of four. 

Healthcare in Seychelles

Again, using the 2021 Legatum Prosperity Index, Seychelles is listed between the United Arab Emirates (36) and Portugal (38) in the 37th position. The healthcare portion of the study utilizes various indexes including mortality rates, illness outcomes, risk factors, and access to healthcare services to create a picture of the overall quality. Applicants are required to display proof of health insurance with coverage in Seychelles when beginning the visa process. We would, however, recommend that all remote workers invest in trusted nomad-focused insurance that supports coverage of the nuances of remote work.


With gorgeous, unspoiled shores, deep blue waters, and a wealth of exotic wildlife, Seychelles is a true paradise open to remote workers. The Seychelles digital nomad visa, known officially as the Workation Retreat Program, offers a simple application process and a cost-effective visa. At just €45, the one-time visa fee is one of the lowest we’ve found globally, making it a great choice for budget-conscious remote workers.

The visa is available for between one month and one year and although there are some light requirements to satisfy, the criteria are less restrictive than other visas up for grabs. Whichever way you look at it, the Seychelles digital nomad visa is sure to be one of the most popular programs in the coming years.

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