Finding a remote job is one of the biggest obstacles to becoming a digital nomad, but it’s not impossible and it becomes easier every day as the world adapts to a workforce that doesn’t want to go into an office every day.  More and more positions are allowing flexible hours and remote work, but a job that is fully location-independent can still prove tricky to find. The best way to find remote working jobs is by checking out the top online resources and job boards. Here are some of our favorite places to look for remote work jobs.


One of the top sites for remote workers looking for their next location independent gig is RemoteOK, a simple but effective online job board focused on remote work. The site has over two million users with some of the top companies using the platform to advertise available positions. Twitch, DoorDash, and Robinhood are all known to use RemoteOK when advertising new positions.

Job-seekers are able to search for keywords, enter locations, add salary minimums, and include different benefits to find the perfect job. Companies looking to post a job online at RemoteOK are required to pay a fee of $499 to be featured on the board. This is great for remote job-seekers, removing companies and employers that are less serious and unwilling to pay for the best candidates and results. 

We Work Remotely

A personal favorite for searching for remote work online, We Work Remotely offers the perfect blend of top-quality postings with a quality user interface. With more than three million visitors, We Work Remotely is the largest remote work community in the world. Jobs can be searched for by heading into different categories (design, sales & marketing, customer support, etc.) or via a search option for those looking for specific roles or titles. Again, companies posting remote jobs are required to pay a small fee of $299. This is considerably smaller than the fee highlighted at RemoteOK, but still acts as a good boundary that encourages quality companies to post. 

Truly Remote 

Another of the top remote working job boards available online is Truly Remote, which showcases some of the best offerings from top remote companies.  At the time of writing, opportunities from Spotify, GitLab, HotJar, and DuckDuckGo are all available via the site. Users can find jobs by choosing from one of the highlighted categories (development, design, marketing, business, etc.), by searching for a title or company, or by browsing all open jobs from the homepage. Companies looking to post a job on the site are required to pay the small fee of $75 per position listed. All open positions are listed online for 45 days and are featured in the newsletter issued to remote workers around the world. 

Dynamite Jobs 

One of the more unique remote work-focused job sites available, Dynamite Jobs is a top choice for location-independent work-seekers. The site works exclusively with companies that offer 100% remote jobs as opposed to flexible work that may require relocation. Dynamite Jobs allow users to tailor their profiles to find the jobs that they really want to see. This can be further optimized to receive personalized emails offering interesting jobs. 

Users are able to create a free profile at Dynamite Jobs, allowing them to be found and messaged by Hiring Managers from different companies. In addition to the unique profile options, Dynamite Jobs can actually personally refer profiles from the site when companies reach out and search for different skills.  These extra details separate Dynamite Jobs from other remote job sites, making it one of the best for finding unique job opportunities. 

Flex Jobs

Founded in 2007, Flex Jobs is one of the oldest sites offering remote work opportunities to job hunters. Unlike others on the list, the site doesn’t focus solely on remote work opportunities and actually offers the ability to also search for flexible jobs. All jobs are hand-screened, ensuring only quality options are advertised at Flex Jobs with users able to access more than 20,000 opportunities. Remote workers are required to pay a small membership fee to access the available listings with pricing options for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Pricing starts at $9.95 for weekly access and increases to $59.95 for the year pass. 

Just Remote

Our next site, Just Remote, is clear with its priorities from the get-go, to find and highlight remote jobs that fit your life.  By heading over to the Remote Jobs tab, job-seekers can view a selection of some of the most popular listings offered. However, the real power of Just Remote lies in PowerSearch, a paid service offered by the site with access to thousands of additional opportunities.

PowerSearch starts at $6 for the first month and can be canceled at any time. This unlocks a range of opportunities, 70% of which are never advertised. It’s an interesting service and one of the top online for remote workers.

Similar to other top sites on our list, offers a remote job search that can be used by users to find unique opportunities in a range of different categories. Accounting, customer service, project management, virtual assistance, and teaching can all be found online. The site is also packed full of valuable remote work resources with dedicated articles, questions and answers, career coaching, and online courses all offered. 

The Best Sites to Find Remote Working Jobs Online

Although we all have our favorites, there is no one best resource—each remote work site has something different to offer. From the quality user interface of We Work Remotely to the unique user profile at Dynamite Jobs, they all have different features and different opportunities available. 

We would recommend choosing your favorite three or four choices from the list above and mastering each of these platforms. Taking advantage of the profile feature of Dynamite Jobs and viewing the daily postings on RemoteOK, Truly Remote and Flex Jobs might just land you your dream gig. Have a favorite remote work site that we’ve failed to mention? Let us know–our socials and emails are always open!

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