Balance Work and Play on Your Next Company Retreat

Get your globally-distributed team members together.

Nurall Workation Retreats

Nurall specializes in creating corporate retreats that allow employees to collaborate in inspiring locations. These retreats are meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between business and leisure, ensuring that customers not only accomplish productive work but also immerse themselves in a rejuvenating environment.

For Founders/CXO
Share your vision and enable employees to connect in person.
For CHRO/HR Professionals
Enhance team nonding and productivity with curated activities, while leaving the planning and execution to us.
For Employees
Discover new places to travel and work remotely, while connecting with your teammates in person.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Why Choose Nurall?
  • Single point of contact
  • Coordination across multiple vendors and event personnel
  • Concierge support for the duration of your retreat
  • Over two decades of experience in hospitality
  • Efficient logistics management
  • Use of event management technology, marketing, and communication
  • In-house video production team
  • Bite-sized video content to capture moments and testimonials
  • Creation of social media content for brand building purposes
Benefits of a Nurall Workation Retreat

Focus & Change of Work Environment: Our retreats offer a dedicated and distraction-free workspace, which can break monotony and stimulate creativity. A fresh setting can lead to new ideas and perspectives, enhancing problem-solving and innovation.

Enhanced Communication: Retreats encourage open and informal communication among employees and between employees and management and improved communication can lead to more efficient workflows.

Bringing Remote Teams Together

Team Building: Retreats often include team-building activities that help employees build trust and improve communication. A more cohesive and harmonious team can collaborate more effectively, resulting in better outcomes.

Recognition & Motivation: Corporate retreats are an opportunity for employers to recognize and reward their employees' hard work and achievements. Feeling appreciated and motivated can boost morale and, consequently, productivity.

Long-Term Impact: The benefits of a corporate retreat can extend well beyond the retreat itself. Employees may return to work to their remote locations with a renewed sense of purpose, improved skills, and better working relationships, all of which contribute to sustained productivity improvements.

Nurall is on a mission to empower the next generation of digital natives with a lifestyle of freedom, choice, and adventure. Our committed team lives what we believe, creating global gathering spaces for thinkers, doers, creatives, entrepreneurs, nomads, and the intellectually curious, enabling a more fulfilling and enriched life for all.

Comprising visionaries, creatives, and experts from various fields, our team collectively brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to our cause.