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This neighborhood is somewhat unsafe.


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Great cost of living for ameneties.

Remote work

This neighborhood has many places to work outside the house.

If Vera is the calm, cool, and collected artist’s area, Marjanishvili is its counterculture alternative. With graffiti lining the way through the narrow car-lined streets and vintage shops and food stalls serving honest and delicious street food, Marjanishvili is the city’s fastest-growing neighborhood as rents in the surrounding neighborhoods continue to increase.

Nearly a century ago Marjanishvili was the original artist’s neighborhood thanks to the Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre, where Georgia’s most famous writers like Shalva Dadiani and artists such as Petre Otskeli came together. Today, the neighborhood still attracts a creative crowd thanks to favorable rent prices, places like Fabrika where like-minded crowds gather nightly, and theater still shines. Movement Theatre is known for its open jam sessions while free spirits head to Bassiani, the famous nightclub located underneath the city’s football stadium, Dinamo Arena, or to Left Bank to dance until the sun comes up.

While it may seem easy to get distracted in this area, there are plenty of places for remote workers to hunker down and get some work done between urban exploits. Terminal Roses Garden Coworking and Impact Hub at Fabrika are two of the most popular coworking spots in the neighborhood, with other companies moving their headquarters to this side of town for more space at lower rents.

Marjanishvili is also home to the city’s largest market, the Deserter Bazaar, where locals sell produce, fruits, and other products at some of the most affordable prices in the city. Head to the market later in the day when you need a break from the hustle and grind of freelance and remote life for the best prices on fruits, meat, and produce when the sellers are ready to offload the rest of their goods in anticipation of heading home for the day.

When lunchtime hits, seek out the mezze platters at Weller, the lively outdoor atmosphere at Aprili, the artists' paradise inside Chveni Restaurant, the secret bar at the boutique, and totally darling, Unfound Door Hotel, or the scent of roasted coffee and fresh baked goods at Groovy Roasters. If you need a way to get around town quickly, and Bolt (Georgia’s version of Uber) or the Scroll pay-as-you-go scooters just aren’t cutting it for you, you can also rent a scooter or motorcycle from Scoot Scoot Scooter Rentals located in Fabrika for a fairly cheap mode of transport for the short or long term.

Breanna Wilson
February 27, 2023
min read

Breanna Wilson is a travel writer, content creator, and tour designer running adventure and overlanding tours in Mongolia and Georgia. You can follow Breanna’s daily adventures off-roading, hiking, and exploring lesser-known parts of the world on Instagram at @breannajwilson.

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